Christopher Burch: A Businessman with a Vision


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Christopher Burch is a role model to many young entrepreneurs in the international community. Many people respect him for being a serial entrepreneur who has invested in various industries. In his career in the business world, Burch has made so much wealth, and he has also founded a company that can help other individuals to become successful. Chris Burch currently works as the chief executive officer of a company named Burch Creative Capital, and he is always there to offer a solution to the many questions presented by his customers. Burch Creative Capital headquarters are found in New York City. The private equity investment company has attained so much since its establishment, read (

Success favors the people who are hardworking and committed to their roles. Burch has been in business for the last four decades, and he has all the knowledge needed by modern investors, helpful source on The creative skills he has developed over the years have made him an expert in business management. Chris Burch understands how to make the right financial decisions, and he is also an expert in incubating and also supporting new businesses to become successful. In the last forty years, Burch has been taking part in the creating of over fifty companies, and most of them have done so well. His values have played a very important role in his journey to success.

Last year, the American serial investor announced a new venture he had just introduced. The businessman realized that the hospitality industry was a great area, and he purchased a resort that has shocked the world with its success. Named Nihiwatu, the resort has met all the demands of the modern customers. People have voted the resort to be a leader because it has all the special qualities clients need when they want to stay away from home. The resort has also earned the interest of all people in the international community, check

Krishen Iyer Intense Interview

Online marketing experience, technical development knowledge and impressive client relations techniques is what Quick Link Marketing partner Krishen Iyer brings to the table. He has participated in Quick Link Marketing’s success over the years as they provide clients with cutting edge marketing solutions. Iyer has been living in the State of California for a number of years now. He possesses a curiosity for knowledge and details which has led to him being so successful in the online marketing and technical development sector.


The concept for Quick Link Marketing came from the need to connect various firms with different marketing solutions that would be specialized for their needs. Lead generation companies would play a big role in this process thanks to their ability to provide many of these marketing solutions. The creators of Quick Link Marketing noticed that there was something missing in the industry. Iyer was an obvious choice as a partner thanks to his extensive knowledge and expertise. His professional history has shown that duties like client interfacing, technical development and marketing would come easy to him and would be completed with great detail and precision. Iyer brings his ideas to life by gathering multiple viewpoints and using that information to build off of an initial idea. Specific marketing analytics is something that Iyer finds very interesting and uses it to achieve many marketing goals.


Krishen Iyer went to college at Grossmont College as well as San Diego University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Aside from his responsibilities at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer participates in many different community service projects. He frequently partakes in local park cleanups and provides support for international humanitarian concerns like sponsoring children overseas as part of a Haitian relief effort.

Entrepreneur Dick Devos

Have you seen the latest from Washington? Capitol Hill is a buzz with the rise of a new political couple. They have supported each other for many years, but now Betsy and Dick Devos are looking like a prime political family with Dick Devos now joining his wife in Washington. What will Devos be doing? It’s actually something a little different than most people expect from a powerful businessman like Dick Devos.


For years, everyone knew Devos as the CEO and president of Amway. Now they recognize him as a business leader who has been helping companies gain more ground with new sales opportunities. He is also a great philanthropist, working on projects that build up cities in Michigan, particularly in Grand Rapids, which is his home town.


Grand Rapids has been a place for Devos to explore his philanthropy as well as his aviation love. He has been working with the CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for some time. Now he will be working with the FAA on their Management Advisory Council. The council is a new venture for FAA after it was challenged by Donald Trump to be more advanced like other airports around the world. This includes putting in place new, updated policies and regulations.


The council consists of 13 members. Most of the members are from transportation authorities and airline executive backgrounds, so Devos is one of the only ones with business experience. However, that’s not all that Devos brings to the table. He is also the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. Along with his wife, the couple decided to support charter schools by creating one of their own. It’s located on the Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds and supports students learning about becoming pilots.


Education and business are two areas where Devos excels. He has been showing that through his work with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Throughout the 2000s, he helped the airport bring in new sales by expanding flights through Air Tran Airways and then Southwest. The airlines have also helped to expand the airport with a $45 million funding that would deliver a new business traveler center and food court area to the airport.


Devos has been working with the CEO of the airport since the 1990s, which is why he began to grow in popularity for business leaders in the area. He even worked with his charity to donate over $134 million in charity to the area.


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Todd Levine Looks Outside the Box

Today, Todd Levine is a partner and founding member of the Miami-based boutique law firm, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, PL. In 1988, Todd Levine completed his undergrad studies at the University of Florida and went on to pursue a career in law, garnering his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the University of Florida Levin College of Law in 1991. In 2009, Todd Levine helped to launch Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine – a litigation-only law firm that also deals in Family Law concerning litigation, as well as non-litigation matters. Over the years, this boutique law firm has grown significantly in terms of size, as well as clientele, and, according to Todd Levine, his consistent contribution due to his passion for science, art, music, and math.

Todd Levine brings all of the requirements and credentials that a person would expect from an attorney of his pedigree, but he also brings to the table, a unique set of skills, most notably, his passion for the guitar. Since the age of ten, Mr. Levine has honed his musical ability, dabbling in the bass guitar, as well as the keyboard. His appreciation for art, as he often draws in his spare time, is another creative aspect that has allowed Mr. Levine to consistently look outside the box when searching for new solutions. This unique perspective continues to be evident in the reflection of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine’s success.

In 2009, in the early stages of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, the firm only had seventeen attorneys, but that number has since blossomed, and currently sits at thirty. Today, the prominent boutique firm boasts offices in Minneapolis, MN, as well as Boca Raton, FL. As the company continues to grow in terms of physical size, the clients of Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine are following the same trend, and they recently assisted former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, through his divorce.


Graem Holm and Rebbecca Walker, the core founders of Infinity Group Australia, had one purpose when launching the company. To assist Australians to manage their finances, lower their debts and ultimately improve their future. Having worked at a bank environment and witnessed the suffering one had to go through in securing a loan and managing it, Graeme was prompted to start his own company, which helps an individual in managing their finances and reducing on cost. He utilizes his career experience for almost two decades in investments to help individuals secure and use loans appropriately.



Holm’s research in the mortgage market and findings that there are poor services rendered to customers, no guidance or advice, this placed him to the course of solving those difficulties. Of course, the company did not start at a higher level. With a few types of furniture and an office, the passion that was burning inside them drove them into directing a gargantuan enterprise, which is successfully helping people all over Australia. The principle guiding the Infinity Group Australia reviews is the help they offer their customers. The organization provides useful ideas in expenditure, differentiating a need and a want, offering a personal banker who manages accounts activities and also providing full collaboration with customers through newsletters and emails. This has escalated the reputation of the company and made it win a Customer Experience Management award.



Infinity Group Australia is known by Australian Financial Review (AFR) as the pacesetters in customer experience management. This has made their name appear in the list of companies that are innovative in 2018. Not just appearing in the list, Infinity Group Australia is top 100 on the list. To be precise, number 58. Reaching over 1.8 million readers in New Zealand and Australia, the company has met the expectation of many clients. The cross-industry list annually made by the AFR ranks industries in New Zealand and Australia and this is the seventh year they are doing so.



Inventium (best innovation consultancy in Australia) together with a panel of industry judges ranks over 1000 companies and indicate the most innovative ones. In his speech during the award presentation, Graeme thanked his team in their work for making it possible to be listed with the most innovative industries in Australia and New Zealand. Infinity Group Australia helps all kind of clients, and during an interview conducted, Holm confirmed this. He said they had not met clients they were unable to assist and that makes them proud. Learn more :

Guilherme Paulus Makes Brazil More Fun To Tour

Guilherme Paulus is one of the best touring operators in the whole world, and he has created a touring empire that includes hotels. His company is growing every year as they create more tours to different locations around Brazil. There are many people who come to Brazil hoping to see the beauty of this nation.

  1. Guilherme Paulus Is An Expert In Business

Guilherme knows how to provide his clients with the best vacation experience, and he has worked out a number of different ways to tour through all the hidden parts of Brazil. Brazil is a large place, and he knows some of the smallest areas that other people have never visited. This means that the people who come to Brazil see all its faces. See more of Guilherme Paulus on facebook.

  1. His Hotels

The hotels that Guilherme Paulus has purchased are a part of this touring brand, and they have become the places where his guests stay during their tours. There are many hotels in small towns and big cities where Guilherme knows that his guests will be happy. There are many people who will enjoy these stays, and they will have a group of people around them that make the whole tour that much more fun.

  1. How Long Are The Tours?

Guilherme sets up tours that could last for a couple weeks, and his company offers tours that are much shorter. He believes in helping his clients see the beauty of Brazil, and he wants people to come away feeling so much better about their vacation experience. This is a very nice place to be because people will get excited about seeing the people, the sights, and the joy that is found in Brazil.

  1. Conclusion

The people who come to Brazil to tour will work with Guilherme Paulus and have a lovely time seeing all the natural sights in Brazil. He has set up tours for all his customers, and he has shown people who nice Brazil is because he is in love with his home country. Everyone who takes his tour feels much better about their vacation experience through Brazil.

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Clay Siegall taking Seattle Genetics to the next level

Clay Siegal is credited a co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a company that started in 1998. He is the president of the company and also works as the CEO. He is also the Board Chairman. Clay is a scientist who has undergone proper training and his primary target for cancer therapies. He started and worked on Seattle to serve as a foundation for appropriate research, innovation as well as developing practices and helping cancer patients to live healthy lives. It is through his leadership that the company is where it is today.

The firm has been dealing with human antibodies since it started. They have also been involved actively in the production of antibodies as well as supplying them in the form of a drug. At the entrance of their building, they have put a green symbol that is used to symbolize antibodies for human beings. It is a venture that is expected to increase knowledge of biotechnology and help communities to understand the field. The firm is essential in Washington DC with more than 900 staff members to over services to customers. The company is expanding rapidly, and it is expected that more staff members will be added to the current team. The company strives to conduct excellent research and give the right information.

Clay Siegall operates as the chair of the corporate and he is happy they are working hard to achieve the mission of the firm. He is also focused on expanding the company whereby they want to open other branches in countries like African and Switzerland. He said the drugs they use had been made to treat various types of cancer, but he is determined to ensure the firm continues to explore all the biotech fields and not only oncology.

The successful CEO and entrepreneur, has set aside money to enable him to gain right worldwide to release the cancer drug and make it available on the market. He has had a successful career and has been in the industry for many years hence he has gained a lot of experience. He has studied genetics at the university and that marked the foundation of his career.

Investment Life of Igor Cornelsen

Meet the renowned investor with the know-how in investing profitably. Born in Brazil on Oct 4, 1947, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana. After graduating in 1970, the individual attained a job at an investment bank due to his ability to calculate compounded interest rates during the era when the calculators and computers did not have much popularity. Igor Cornelsen helps investors to make a productive investment in their money. The individual promotes the investment in damaged stocks rather than damaged companies. The damaged stocks give more return upon investment and have a lower cost. Venturing involves rick taking. This means, you can invest and lose the money all together.

Before investing in any business, one should have strategic planning on how to induce profitable risking. Many people waste a lot of time before deciding on when to invest. One should start investing as early as possible when you are still young. Utilize the opportunity immediately as it arises without hesitation or fear. However, not just the young people who should take risks of investing. Seizing the opportunity will maximize your chance to fetch much interest out of it. Also, it is interesting to diversify your business portfolio. To Invest in different ventures helps you to gather more revenue. Also, when one business is producing below expectation, the other firms can support you at that particular moment of need.

When investing for the first time or in a new field, the process can get challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to look for an adviser qualified in that area. You can do researches from business magazines and books to gain know-how on venturing. After the support from the relevant individuals on the venture, and you believe you can stand on your own, you can begin opening new branches independently. Investors have a higher opportunity to make more revenue than employed people expecting salaries every end month.

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Transforming Fortress Investment Group-Peter Briger

Peter Briger is the man who has won many accolades in the world because of his passion for finance. The businessman is respected for being the force behind one of the largest companies in the international arena. The company Fortress Investment Group is always in the limelight because of all the right reasons. The organization is the envy of many investors who are looking forward to starting successful companies. When Briger and his investor friends started the organizations, they had no idea that they were going to raise one of the largest institutions in the entire world. Briger and the founders of the company have led the organization to acquire the kind of milestones it has been getting in the recent times.

While working as the chairman and co-principle of the international finance firm, Peter Briger has been issued with so many responsibilities. The businessman has to plan his day well so that he can be able to meet all the responsibilities under his belt. Before leaving for the office, the businessman ensures that he has taken enough time to read the newspapers so that he can know whatever is happening in the market. The businessman has other business interests in other organizations too. When the Forbes billionaire list was released this year, it was not a shock when Peter Briger was recognized as one of the people with a lot of wealth. The businessman has worked to earn this great wealth since he left the university many years ago.

The financial executive understands the challenges that are associated with modern investments, and he is always very keen before he can make an investment. Peter Briger serves on several boards of directors. Many companies have chosen to appoint the successful businessman because of his great knowledge in investment activities. All of the companies that have appointed him to their company boards have benefited so much, and that is why they always appreciate the businessman when offered the opportunity. Peter Briger knowledge in modern investment options such as crypto assets has been instrumental on his path to success in the finance world.

Felipe Montoro Jens Reports The Improvements Of Latin America And The IDB

The country of Brazil has been making improvements to its infrastructure. It has also been seeking the increase of private investments for the infrastructure projects of Brazil. The main representative that is stressing the importance for the need of investments is the Minister of Planning, Development and Management, Dyogo Oliveira. A report done by Infrastructure Projects expert, Felipe Montoro Jens, goes into detail about the events that took place at the Special Meeting of Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The meeting was held in Mendoza, Argentina and hosted many important personnel including Argentina’s finance minister and chairman of the Bank’s Board of Governors, Luis Caputo. Minister Oliveira suggested the promotion of studies that can help provide more efficient solutions for project risk management and ones that can facilitate the leverage of private investments.

Luis Caputo agreed with the statement made by Minister Dyogo Oliveira and stated that it would be a good idea for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to try to leverage the private investments in Latin America. Garrido is the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support of Spain and he pointed to the dynamism of the markets of the region and recognized the country of Brazil as a priority for Spanish investment. This was included in the report done by Felipe Montoro Jens.

Minister Oliveira stated that the new investments will help the country of Brazil to face the upcoming Industry 4.0 revolution. They are currently facing the challenges of building new roads and sanitation systems. The Minister also suggests that a more modern infrastructure is necessary for the promotion of the fourth industrial revolution that is inevitable.

The president of the IDB says that the challenges that are needed to overcome are for the convergence of infrastructure and can improve connectivity between all of the countries that are located in the same region.

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