Background and justification of End Citizens United activities

End Citizens United wants to be a bigger player in its field of business. They want to do this by putting in more money funding Democratic candidates running for competitive positions for the House and the Senate. They plan on channeling tens of millions of dollars into this endeavor.


End Citizens United is a political action committee that is dedicated to campaign finance reforms. The group which relies on donor funding has been able to raise more than $2 million so far against a target of $25 million to $30 million. This was according to the group’s Communication director Richard Carbo. All these efforts are geared towards reversing a Supreme Court decision that gave rise to super PACs that led a lot of dirty money finding its way into politics. The group is leading a petition to push Congress to pass this legislation. 325,000 have signed this petition so far.


Endorsing candidates

End Citizens United has so far endorsed 11 Democratic candidates. The group says that endorsing the candidates ensures that the hole in the political side of these reforms is covered. It ensures that backing candidates so that they are elected will ensure that the laws that are already there are changed using the support of those elected. The group plans to set up a financial arm so that they support the candidates through TV adverts and polling. It hopes to push for reforms in campaign finance on the local and state level.


However, their main objective is enacting their agenda on the national level through a constitutional amendment. This will require support by a two-thirds majority in the House and the Senate and also support from three-quarter of the states. This is despite the fact the country has never passed a constitutional amendment from 1992. According to experts, End Citizens United helps to make public awareness of the Courts decision and its implications. The group says that the reason why they don’t support Republicans is that, the Republican is largely against the reversing of this Supreme Court decision that has proved to be a disaster.


People contributing

More than 100,000 people have contributed towards this course. About 40,000 among them were making contributions for the first time. People have felt the need to elect candidates that support campaign finance reforms in the country. Those donating are starting to feel that the system is not designed to favor them. The ones that give the biggest donations usually have a lot of say in the operations of the group.


Recently the political action committee managed to get contributions of more than $4 million against a target of $500,000. This is despite the fact that the organization cannot accept donations of more than $5000 from an individual donor. The group’s spokesman says that they have built many ties with campaign finance groups


Karl Heideck Explains The Wells Fargo Lawsuit In Philly

The world of banking and finance is highly complex, which is why some of the more complicated issues being addressed today require legal expertise in order to be understood. Karl Heideck is an experienced lawyer who has lent his communication skills to some of the more complicated banking suits of our time, including the suit brought by the city of Philadelphia against Wells Fargo Bank.

Explaining the Philadelphia Law Suit

In a recent edition of, Heideck laid out the many issues involved in the suit against Wells Fargo in terms a lay person can understand. The suit involves the problem of the many risky loans that were given to low income, minority bank customers in urban Philadelphia neighborhoods. These customers really didn’t qualify for the loans they were given, and now there is a high level of default on the loans. All of this is having an impact on the further decline of some of the city’s low income neighborhoods.

A History of Service and Legal Expertise

Karl Heideck is an attorney who works on contracts and brings his clients a high level of legal expertise. He is actively working with Hire Counsel, and has been there since spring of 2015. Prior to that, he practiced law for over ten years in the greater Philadelphia area. He had also worked as an associate for the firm of Conrad O’Brien, and has also been a project attorney for Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Karl Heideck has a Juris Doctor degree from Temple University, the James E. Beasley School of Law. He graduated from there in 2009.

In his current position, Mr. Heideck is able to offer numerous legal services, including compliance consulting as well as advising clients on risk management.

In his busy career, Mr. Karl Heideck puts his client’s needs first, and always gives them the top quality advice he is able to offer.

The incredible entrepreneurial story of Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci is the CEO of the Nick Vertucci Companies as well as IHG. He believes that whatever a person holds; his past does not count on what the future holds. He grew up in a family where money was never a problem. He had all that wealth had to offer in his childhood. However, when he was at the age of ten, things turned upside after the death of his beloved father. Her mother started working late hours to bring bread to the table, and she always found Nick asleep.

A few years when Nick Vertucci had become an adult, he started his own business of marketing computer parts. He loved working at his business is it allowed him to be his boss and enjoyed the freedom it had to offer. Nick wasted no time and got married immediately where the marriage was later blessed with three gorgeous daughters. His business went on successfully until the 2000 dot com crash. Since then, he learned that it is important to invest in the future.

Nick stayed for around 18months getting a little income and had to settle some debts. Although he lost some assets, he was lucky enough as he was able to retain his home. During the same period, a friend of him invited him as a guest on a three-day training seminar on real estate. Nick Vertucci took things lightly at first and found no reason to consume up his weekend. However, his friend pushed him through and promised him that after the seminar, his time would be worthwhile. As far as he recalls, attending the meeting was one of the best decisions he had ever made in his life.

During the meeting, Nick Vertucci was keen enough and noted everything that the speaker said. Although Nick Vertucci did not know all that the speaker said, at least there was that one thing that clicked his mind. In fact, that one idea was the solution to his recent financial crisis. He did not just stop at that point, he instead continued training and studying on how to become successful. It took a year for him to gather all he required to enhance his success into the real estate market on LinkedIn. Nick was a strong man and never gave up until he developed the structure that enhanced him to make cash fast.

Nick Vertucci later became a millionaire and started to teach others using his real estate system at He taught them how to get out of their financial holes, enhance them transform their family’s legacy of finance for life, and help them make massive sums of cash. That is the main reason why he started his Real Estate Academy.

Kim Dao Meets With Some of Her You Tube Subscribers

In January, Kim Dao was visiting her parents’ home in Australia. Kim Dao met with two subscribers. One of Kim Dao’s subscribers is a former boss from when she worked in Australia three years ago. She kept in contact with her old boss because Kim Dao got along with him, and he became a good friend. Another subscriber was a girl Kim Dao met three years ago and had done photo shoots with her. The girl’s going to bring along a friend of hers who’s also a subscriber. She ate with her with her subscribers at Palsaik, a Korean Australian restaurant that’s famous for eight different kind of pork. If she gets there early, Kim Dao can find free parking. The subscribers and Kim Dao met at Fon Cafe. Kim Dao says she hesitates leaving pocessions around in sight in her car because Australia is not as safe as Japan is. Kim Dao said she had a Chai Latte drink at the cafe.Learn more :


After the meeting, Kim Dao went to visit her old apartment. She kept the apartment, which the management decided to renovate, starting with floors in the lobby and halls. The renovation process is supposed to be completed by early next year. Kim Dao is planning her return to Australia based on the completion. Kim Dao caught up with her former boss and talked about old times and new times.Learn more :


Kim Dao planned to take Yuki to the dog park. She changed her mind because it was raining.Learn more :