The Healthy Lifestyle Restaurant

Sweetgreen is a chain of restaurant stores in main cities and suburbs such as New York, Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston. The Sweetgreen stores are popular for their affordable, nourishing and satisfying salads. Sweetgreen was founded from the need to access affordable and healthy food, the stores have thrived in their primary objective to become a very successful brand.


Over the years as a company, Sweetgreen continues to provide farm fresh and healthy food to its clients. It builds on customer relationship by ensuring a ‘win win’ situation which means that if the customers are satisfied with their products, they as well have won as service providers. Sweetgreen also believes that it is important to involve the community in its operations. This has seen their introduction of a yearly music festival and food festival called the Sweet life that includes their customers as well as suppliers. The stores also organize Yoga classes within their stores and fitness activities to support and partner with fellow healthy lifestyle businesses.


All Sweetgreen stores keep the same high standards. Although each store boasts of its architecture, it has to reflect local tastes of its environs. Doing so ensures that the quality of service and products are maintained. As chain stores, they all have a food-sourcing blackboard meant to show locally accessed ingredients. They are strategically opened at very well researched locations to serve and reach a stipulated target market.


Sweetgreen has not made it to where it is without a fair share of challenges. Sweetgreen invested a lot of cash and opened a store near Dupont circle in the middle of Washington. This particular store did not get customers for the first two weeks. They had to come up with a way of reaching out to customers. They took a risk and played music outside the store on Saturdays and Sundays. This strange move worked and also emphasized the value of creating connections in their business.


Nathaniel Ru is one of Sweetgreen’s founders and the Chief Executive Officer. Ru graduated with a BS in Finance from Georgetown’s University McDonough School of Business in 2007.He and his two friends pioneered the currently famous Sweetgreen restaurants. He tells of how their idea of starting Sweetgreen came from a desire to access healthy and fun food easily. Nathaniel, without a doubt, conveys the objectives of Sweetgreen both expertly and passionately.

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