What To Enjoy As A Tourist Near Fagali’I Airport

The Fagali’I Airport is an interesting small air destination in Samoa. It is on the island of Upolu and rests on one of the edges of the city of Apia. As it just has one airstrip it doesn’t accommodate a lot of air traffic. There is just one airline that uses this airport, Polynesian Airlines. They have three 19-passenger planes that they use to fly back and forth to American Samoa each day.

One of the best things about the Fagali’I Airport is that it is centrally located for many of the things to do on this island which means that people usually measure things by how far it is from this airport. This means that once you pick up your bags you can get to your hotel in a pretty short amount of time, assuming you’re a tourist or business traveler to Samoa.

The five hotels that are nearest to Fagali’I Airport are Coconuts Beach Club, Insel Fehmarn Hotel, Taumeasina Island Resort, Le Alaimoana Hotel, and the Sheraton Samoa Aggie Grey’s Hotel & Bungalows. These hotels range from $47 to $170 a night. There are many other hotels on Upolu as well such it is a pretty popular tourist destination.

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For those who love to golf, the Royal Samoa Golf Course butts up against Fagali’I Airport. Many people that want to golf this course stay at the Grey’s Hotel since they get a free pass to play this course. The two other big golf courses are Le Penina Golf Course and Faleata Golf Course according to lonelyplanet.com.

Many people like to pick up authentic souvenirs and other items when visiting Samoa. It is said that the handcrafted items of Samoa are the best in all of the Pacific. Apia’s Arts and Crafts Fair is a popular event held in Apia and it is located within minutes of the Fagali’I Airport on dohop.com. This fair is held in March of each year so some tourists mark that month on their calendar. Another popular annual event is the Teuila Festival which includes many items crafted of wood such as weapons, ‘ava bowls, and model canoes.

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The Changes That Dick And Betsy DeVos Have Made For Their Hometown

Dick DeVos was an up-and-comer in his family’s business at Amway Corp. He was on the right track to becoming the CEO and getting there fast. However, things took a quick change for a while back in 1991. Mr. DeVos had learned of plans for a new sports arena to be built in the downtown area of Grand Rapids. He was not a fan of the idea and quickly went to work rallying against it. He thought that its addition to the area could be detrimental to the city.


Formation Of Grand Action


Dick was not the only person in the area who was against this idea. He started a group called Grand Action which added other business leaders from the area. They were all the main influencers behind some other big construction projects in the city like the convention center, the medical school and the city market.


Heirs To Fortunes


Both Dick and his wife are heirs to the fortunes from their families. However, they still chose to spend much of their adult lives trying to make changes they feel are important in their hometown. They are also mega-donors for the GOP. Their political influences have started many changes in state laws for labor and education. Education reform has been a huge passion for the couple. They even founded a charter high school for aviation at the nearby Grand Rapids Airport. The couple says their philanthropy and education advocacy have been on similar tracks with the education reform. They are seeking an outcome which would help poor families offer their kids the same education opportunities as the ones with money.


How Dick Put The Airport On The Map


Mr. DeVos is a self-described pilot and aviation geek. While he may have not spent much time flying any commercial aircraft, he was still asked to take the lead with the move of Southwest to the Grand Rapids area. He had accepted the offer to take the lead on the move with one condition put into place. He wanted to do it his own way. For him, this meant doing it with a more business-like approach rather than a political one. He also wanted to carry out the plan without letting the public know of it until it was the right time to share.


Dick’s approach to making this plan happen was impressive to the executives at Southwest. In fact, they liked it so much that they made it a model for other communities to follow when they are interested in working with an airline. It was clear after this that DeVos was exactly the right choice for the job. The CEO of AirTran Airways made the original call with the offer and that one phone call is what changed the face of air travel in Grand Rapids.


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