Ryan “the Machine” Seacrest

Underneath all the fancy clothing, the soft voice, and the smile, Ryan Seacrest is an absolute machine. For a man with roughly nine jobs, you would never know it the way he always perfectly presents himself. His efficiency is what allows him to keep up with all the jobs he has. Seacrest describes himself as completely impatient which allows him to run on such a high motor. He attacks each day by waking up around five in the morning occasionally drinking a cup of coffee. He loves coffee, but doesn’t drink it too much because he feels like he should not. Seacrest has had very much success in his field, and he considers American Idol to be his “big break.” Keeping Up With the Kardashians is also a huge hit that he was involved in. To highlight the versatility of Seacrest’s success, he also has his own clothing line which sells affordable and well fitted mens formal ware. At the end of the day, Ryan Seacrest takes much pride into being a host. He realizes that not all big moments in life are just about him, and as a host his job is to just take a step back and watch.

From a young age, Ryan Seacrest had a passion for being on the microphone. He was a natural and at age sixteen he made his radio show debut for WSTR in Atlanta due to the regular DJ calling in sick. While attending Dunwoody high school, Seacrest continued to work for WSTR up until he graduated in 1992. His plan was to study journalism at the University of Georgia but at age nineteen, he took advantage of an opportunity and moved out to Hollywood. Once Seacrest got to Hollywood, he never looked back.

You could say Seacrest is a Hollywood veteran at this point. He has done his share of television hosting, radio hosting, and television production. With all the fame and wealth, Seacrest started the nonprofit Ryan Seacrest foundation in 2010. This foundation has sprouted many medical centers and hospitals around the U.S. for children. Seacrest not only strives to be a great media figure, but a great person as well.

Michael Lacey, Among the Best Mathematicians of Our Time

Michael Lacey is an American mathematician born in 1959. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981 with his BS in Mathematics. Michael earned his Ph. D in Mathematics from the University of Illinois, Urbana in 1987 being advised by Walter Phillip.


He began his career as an Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge between 1987 and 1988. He was employed as an assistant professor from 1988-1989 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill before taking over the same position at Indiana University, Bloomington from 1989-1996. After this, he joined Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), Atlanta from 1996-2001 as an Associate Professor. He became a full Professor at GIT in 2001 a position he holds to date. He became an associate chair and a full professor for faculty in 2017.


In terms of awards and honors, he has numerous, starting with the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship received in 1990, and the Prix Salem which he was jointly awarded with Christoph Thiele in 1997. They were studying bilinear Hilbert transform and solved conjecture by Alberto Calderon. The Prix Salem Prize is funded by Princeton University and the Institute of Advanced Study. He also received Fulbright Fellowship, a three-month teaching and research award from Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2008. In recognition for outstanding contributions to the communication, and utilization of mathematics, advancement, exposition, and creation, he became a member of the American Mathematical Society Fellow in the year 2013.


He has been a mathematician all his life and gives presentations at mathematical conferences in universities. Michael Lacey has addressed conferences and graced university across the world with his presentation going as far as China, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy among other places.


He guides and mentor Ph. D. and pre-doctoral students and organizes conferences, being part of editorial boards, and a peer review for mathematically related areas. As a pure mathematics professional, Michael Lacey remains highly interested in probability and harmonic analysis. He reviews more than 30 publications annually and gives an equal number of reference letters. Michael Lacey serves as the external reviewer of scientific organization in the world, for conferences and grants. They include Canadian Research Council, Australian Research Council, the Academy of Sciences Finland, Newton Institute, European Science Foundation, and Austrian Academy of Sciences

Paul Mampilly: Prominent stock investor warns about Bitcoin investments

Every investor always wants to make profits on their investment. However, this is not what happens all the time. Many investors find themselves on the wrong side with their investment. When an investment runs into losses, it is very unfortunate. Many People who are looking to make profitable investments must make sure that they do due diligence in making their investment decisions. Lack of information on the investments that people are seeking has been the main cause of the problems that are being witnessed. When people make investments without being cautious of the things that are happening in the industry, then there is a problem.

Right now, many people have picked on Bitcoin as the area to invest in. Bitcoin has been on rapid growth in recent years. People have made huge returns on their investments overnight, and as a result, many people have been attracted by this currency that can multiply their investment overnight. In the last one year, Bitcoin has gained than any other commodity or stock. It has recorded an increase of over 2000%. Bitcoin is seen in many circles as the next generation of currency. It could be right or wrong; we can only wait and see.

One person who is not excited about the huge increases Bitcoin has been making is Paul Mampilly. In his 25 years of work in the industry, he still believes this is not an investment worth the attention that it has attracted. It is a risky investment that can backfire on the investors. There needs to be extra caution applied when investing in digital currencies. Paul Mampilly is convinced that the prices for Bitcoin can never go up forever. After some time they will come down so aggressively that many people will lose their investments.

According to Paul Mampilly, Bitcoin has all the characteristics of a bubble. People who have invested in the cryptocurrency will suffer from once it explodes. Bitcoin is not the first commodity that has behaved this way. Paul Mampilly witnessed the 1999 technology stocks which did the same thing before they tumbled. Paul says that nothing is supporting the increase in price that is happening with Bitcoin. It is time that Bitcoin investor revisited their investment and withdrew the profits they have made before the prices come down. The bubble might not burst right away, but it is soon approaching. Already we have witnessed the prices fall by almost half in less than a month.

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