Dr. Saad Saad Passion in Pediatric Surgery

Dr Saad was born in Palestine in a family of 8 children, but he spent most of his years in Kuwait. Saad and his siblings had successfully gone through the education system with two surgeons two in PhD and two in master’s level in Engineering. Saad earned his medical degree at Cairo University, Egypt, where he emerged the second best in his class. Later, he went to England for his internship and then headed to the US 45 years ago. Dr Saad did his residency in the surgery field in the US Board Certified Pediatric Surgery.


Most of the development that Dr Saad has made has made during his career has applied technology. Additionally, he patented two of his famous inventions and developed diverse forms of pediatric surgical processes. The effort Saad has put in the surgical arena has been praised by many experts. He has proven to be a committed professional by conducting many successful complicated pediatric procedures with 40 years. One of the things that have put him at a vantage place in his career is the commitment and his experience in the research arena. Dr Saad Saad worked at K Hovnanian Children Hospital as the Chief Surgeon, where most of the surgical procedures he did ranged from the teenagers to the infants. Learn more: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Saad_Saad.html


The inspirational aspect that pushed Saad in the medical field was his aspiration to work indoors as compared to his earlier desire in engineering in 1965 when he was studying in Kuwait. The factor that led to a change in his decision was the scorching temperatures in Kuwait. This decision made him become a surgeon operating in an air-conditioned room. Saad’s mentor was Dr Biemann, a surgeon based in the US who trained him in a variety of areas related to the pediatric surgery. He also borrowed lots of lessons from him including being honest and kind to people.


Based in Eatontown, NJ, Dr Saad is a qualified and well-known pediatric surgeon. He has acquired a thriving career in bringing expertise and innovation in the medical arena. His skills and reputation have attracted the attention of many Royal families, other doctors, and humanitarian groups as well. Dr Saad Saad has earned two recognition awards owing to his unrelenting efforts to assist Palestine residents. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund honoured him with the PCRF Humanitarian Award because of his efforts in numerous humanitarian services.


Dr Saad Saad has done many complicated surgeries both in the Middle East and the US for more than four decades. He has also assisted in training future doctors in diverse communities, leading to significant improvements in the lives of children across the world. Although Dr Saad is now retired, his influence and hard work continue to make a substantial impact in the lives of many patients.

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