Sean Penn’s Latest Book

It’s always great when a celebrity takes the time to sit down to talk about what he’s been up to. Movie director and actor-turned-author Sean Penn popped a squat at his kitchen table to discuss his new book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Penn knows famous authors, himself. However, he says that neither of the authors he has met influenced him to write a book. He decided to write a book merely as a creative outlet.


Although it would seem that the film industry is all the creative outlet that anyone would need, Penn is no longer happy with the film industry and hasn’t been satisfied with it for a while. In the film industry, people are expected to collaborate much of the time.


Penn says that collaboration would often turn his works of art into disasters. After collaboration, the movies would be a far cry from what he had envisioned them to be, and he would often be left feeling disappointed. Authoring a book allows Penn a completely different experience, however, because he doesn’t have to answer to anyone and doesn’t have to change his ideas when writing. Sean Penn admits to something quite interesting. He authored Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, but he didn’t write it.


He actually dictated it. Writing long-hand has never been Penn’s forte, and the former movie director has never learned how to use a computer. Penn is competent when it comes to using a typewriter, but typewriters and the ribbons needed for them have become obsolete, so Penn’s only choice was to speak words and let someone else write them down.


Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a story about a middle-aged divorcee who sells septic tanks and fantasizes about sleeping with a much younger woman. This sounds to be pretty common stuff, but Bob Honey differs from most regular joes in that he doubles as a deadly assassin. With the help of a wooden mallet, Honey often kills the elderly. When he isn’t killing the elderly, however, he is hard at work selling septic tanks to Jehovah’s Witnesses.



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