Miss Penelope holds an associate’s degree in the classical languages and biological sciences from the University of Binghamton. She also holds a doctoral degree in public health and social work from the University of Columbia School of public health and New York University consecutively.

She has an additional advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse also from Columbia University. She retorted the Innovacare health solutions in the year 2015 where she is currently working as the chief administrative officer.

She had also previously worked both as a chief operating officer and also as a vice president of clinical operations still in Innovocare. Penelope has a proficiency of more than twenty years of health care and has particular experience in government docket particularly Medicaid and Medicare and also managed care industry.

Kokkinides has a far-flung knowledge in administration of healthcare processes and development of clinical dockets. She had formerly worked as vice president and chief operating officer at center light healthcare where she was put in charge of the strategic direction of the managed care division.

She also worked at touchstone as a chief operating officer and even at a business unit of united health group, Americhoice where she aided in the enactment and evolution of the healthcare model.

Due to Penelope’s devotion to finding resolutions following to the Puerto Rican health predicament, she met with president trump so that they could discuss on ways of bettering the care given and also explicate on the better Medicare.

During the meeting, she argued that for more people to have a gateway to better health care there had to be better pricing for them. Surpass facilities was also another topic of discussion where she argued that for people to get quality healthcare that they needed.

Puerto Rico had to have outclassed facilities that would prevent people from traveling to other places so as to get hallmark services since following the situation of the hurricane that had happened the preceding year had led to a greater need for improved medical care.

Penelope is working to better lives of people whom she sees deserve proper medical care and attentiveness, actively using her grounding and devotion.

She talks of having a great team that she works with hand in hand to help her come up with ideas and also appliance of these ideas that lead them into completion and fulfillment in areas such as treatment of patients and improvement of Medicaid and healthcare.


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