Investment Life of Igor Cornelsen

Meet the renowned investor with the know-how in investing profitably. Born in Brazil on Oct 4, 1947, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the Federal University of Parana. After graduating in 1970, the individual attained a job at an investment bank due to his ability to calculate compounded interest rates during the era when the calculators and computers did not have much popularity. Igor Cornelsen helps investors to make a productive investment in their money. The individual promotes the investment in damaged stocks rather than damaged companies. The damaged stocks give more return upon investment and have a lower cost. Venturing involves rick taking. This means, you can invest and lose the money all together.

Before investing in any business, one should have strategic planning on how to induce profitable risking. Many people waste a lot of time before deciding on when to invest. One should start investing as early as possible when you are still young. Utilize the opportunity immediately as it arises without hesitation or fear. However, not just the young people who should take risks of investing. Seizing the opportunity will maximize your chance to fetch much interest out of it. Also, it is interesting to diversify your business portfolio. To Invest in different ventures helps you to gather more revenue. Also, when one business is producing below expectation, the other firms can support you at that particular moment of need.

When investing for the first time or in a new field, the process can get challenging. Therefore, it is advisable to look for an adviser qualified in that area. You can do researches from business magazines and books to gain know-how on venturing. After the support from the relevant individuals on the venture, and you believe you can stand on your own, you can begin opening new branches independently. Investors have a higher opportunity to make more revenue than employed people expecting salaries every end month.

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