Krishen Iyer Intense Interview

Online marketing experience, technical development knowledge and impressive client relations techniques is what Quick Link Marketing partner Krishen Iyer brings to the table. He has participated in Quick Link Marketing’s success over the years as they provide clients with cutting edge marketing solutions. Iyer has been living in the State of California for a number of years now. He possesses a curiosity for knowledge and details which has led to him being so successful in the online marketing and technical development sector.


The concept for Quick Link Marketing came from the need to connect various firms with different marketing solutions that would be specialized for their needs. Lead generation companies would play a big role in this process thanks to their ability to provide many of these marketing solutions. The creators of Quick Link Marketing noticed that there was something missing in the industry. Iyer was an obvious choice as a partner thanks to his extensive knowledge and expertise. His professional history has shown that duties like client interfacing, technical development and marketing would come easy to him and would be completed with great detail and precision. Iyer brings his ideas to life by gathering multiple viewpoints and using that information to build off of an initial idea. Specific marketing analytics is something that Iyer finds very interesting and uses it to achieve many marketing goals.


Krishen Iyer went to college at Grossmont College as well as San Diego University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in public administration and urban development. Aside from his responsibilities at Quick Link Marketing, Iyer participates in many different community service projects. He frequently partakes in local park cleanups and provides support for international humanitarian concerns like sponsoring children overseas as part of a Haitian relief effort.

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