Bumble Is Becoming Larger Every Year With Whitney Wolfe At The Helm

There are many dating apps out there today, all of which are competing for a very lucrative market. Whitney Wolfe is one of the biggest one the scene with her dating app, Bumble, which has quickly become one of the fastest growing dating platforms in the world thanks to her unique ideas. Today, more than 20 million people are signed up and using Bumble around the world. Although Whitney is relatively young, being just 28 years old with an extremely successful dating app and prominent business career, she has prior experience working at Tinder. This is where she built her knowledge and hands-on experience working in the development field. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at The New York Times.

Tinder is a rival competitor to Bumble today, and luckily for Bumble, it is the fastest growing platform in the world when it comes to dating apps. While Tinder is the number one contender and has been in the market for a while longer, Bumble offers some unique features that cannot be found on any other dating platform. The most notable of these features is that women, rather than men, are the ones to start conversations 100 percent of the time. Whitney Wolfe designed Bumble that way, specifically because she knows what harassment is like as a victim herself. Her leave of Tinder was because of a harassment case with her former boyfriend, so she is more motivated than ever to help women become empowered and take control of their romantic lives.

Bumble has other aspects that are unique to it as well, such as dedicated platforms for platonic relationships and professional relationships, although these are still being worked on and perfected. Whitney Wolfe still has a lot of ideas for Bumble and she hopes she can make it the top dating app in the world, especially for women. As an activist for women rights, Whitney Wolfe is constantly taking to social media to express herself and empower women.

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