Andrew Alexander has worked on extensive projects

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Probably best known for his monumental tenure and CEO status of Second City in Chicago, Andrew Alexander is a true professional in “the craft”. He has made a huge name for himself as a producer, writer, and comedian, working on numerous shows and creative productions.

Before Alexander began his impressive career, he attended Tri-State University and Ryerson University completing his degrees in Business.

As a producer, Andrew Alexander has worked on extensive projects from The Second City Presents: The Last Show Left on Earth to his TV Show SCTV. He has even written three episodes on the latter, implementing his refined funny bone.

Alexander has made a huge impact within the comedic community, namely supporting kindred creators within Hollywood on his hilarious productions. He was recently named by Chicago Magazine as “One of the 100 Most Powerful Chicagoens” due to his work with hundreds of influential artists.

Alexander’s career has not slowed down at all since his start in the 70’s. His latest project, a TV special AN Afternoon with SCTV in which he is the executive producer, is currently in post-production as of 2020. The special, directed by Martin Scorsese and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, is set to include the star cast of SCTV reunited to reflect on their past hits from the famous show

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