Benefits of Joining The Running Community According to JoggingBuddy Advisor Michael Capiraso

JoggingBuddy was started as a hobby in 2009 and has grown significantly over the years. The community believes that keeping our bodies active is the medicine to sickness. The decision to get fit is hard, so they stress the need to have a running partner. A running partner could be a friend or a neighbor who will act as an accountability partner. A partner will push you to exercise, achieve your goals quicker and help you get focused. Additionally, a partner keeps you motivated and makes the experience more fun. Participating in group runs, especially trail running, is one way to stay on course. See more on Twitter

Trail running benefits our mental health and helps the body grow because it puts your legs and your core to work as you navigate the terrain. Before beginning a trial run, it is essential to ensure that you have a map and a compass to keep you safe in a new area and lead you to mesmerizing spots. You also should ensure that you wear a suitable layer of clothing because it will protect your body in case there are abrupt changes in the weather during a run. Lastly, always remember to pack enough fuel and trail foods to take with you on the run so you can keep hydrating and ensure that your sugar levels remain constant.

Michael Capiraso is the former CEO of NYRR, an organization charged with organizing the New York Marathon. His leadership and efforts in team building have contributed greatly to the growth of the sports and entertainment industry. He has worked closely with the NFL and Major League Baseball and has also led efforts in building consumer brands like Calvin Klein. As CEO of New York Runners, the organization’s annual revenues increased by double, the number of people participating in NYRR events doubled, and it became the largest marathon in the world. He has participated in over 20 New York Marathons and is dedicated to serving the running community. He has now joined JoggingBuddy, a running community that reaches over 100 countries globally, as a shareholder and an advisor.