Career Journey and Achievements of Greg Blatt

The Massachusetts native was born and raised in a humble background but never lacked the basics. His father, a consultant and an exporter, and mother, a therapist, worked extremely hard to give their son the best, including quality education. Depending on the humble nature of his parents’ careers, he did not love either and grew up not knowing what he wanted in life. Past high school education, he first did a degree in literature and economics at Colgate University. After his graduation, he temporarily put a stop to education to find an inner professional motivation.

He did this through the way he loved most: Travelling. Since his parents were not stable enough to finance his trips to different countries including Telluride, France, Colorado, Reims, Budapest, and San Francisco, he took some casual jobs to avoid running short of cash. During his time alone searching for himself, Greg Blatt realized he loved how lawyers turn reason and logic into an argument, hence settling in a law career that he earned from Columbia University.

Though his first interest was in corporate law, along the way, his more profound love for creativity and innovation landed him in entertainment law. He began working with Martha Stewart, later joining IAC, where almost 99% of his work life can be traced. Greg Blatt has always found satisfaction in positions that offer both professional and personal growth, which IAC continuously provided. From the time he joined IAC, 2003 to when he exited, 2017, Blatt proved an asset in every position held.

Spearheading Match Group and Tinder’s development and growth is one of his significant career achievements. Also, crossing deals amounting to over seven hundred million dollars and spearheading revenue growth by 20% during his tenure as CEO of IAC are other major career accomplishments. Drawing from his story, it is true that career success goes hand in hand with one’s motivation, and thus Greg encourages young people to invest in areas they have an interest in.

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