Clay Siegall taking Seattle Genetics to the next level

Clay Siegal is credited a co-founder of Seattle Genetics, a company that started in 1998. He is the president of the company and also works as the CEO. He is also the Board Chairman. Clay is a scientist who has undergone proper training and his primary target for cancer therapies. He started and worked on Seattle to serve as a foundation for appropriate research, innovation as well as developing practices and helping cancer patients to live healthy lives. It is through his leadership that the company is where it is today.

The firm has been dealing with human antibodies since it started. They have also been involved actively in the production of antibodies as well as supplying them in the form of a drug. At the entrance of their building, they have put a green symbol that is used to symbolize antibodies for human beings. It is a venture that is expected to increase knowledge of biotechnology and help communities to understand the field. The firm is essential in Washington DC with more than 900 staff members to over services to customers. The company is expanding rapidly, and it is expected that more staff members will be added to the current team. The company strives to conduct excellent research and give the right information.

Clay Siegall operates as the chair of the corporate and he is happy they are working hard to achieve the mission of the firm. He is also focused on expanding the company whereby they want to open other branches in countries like African and Switzerland. He said the drugs they use had been made to treat various types of cancer, but he is determined to ensure the firm continues to explore all the biotech fields and not only oncology.

The successful CEO and entrepreneur, has set aside money to enable him to gain right worldwide to release the cancer drug and make it available on the market. He has had a successful career and has been in the industry for many years hence he has gained a lot of experience. He has studied genetics at the university and that marked the foundation of his career.