The Role and Success of DACA Organization

In the recent past, the DACA program has undergone continuous attacks emanating from the different GOP supporters who are radical. The impact of such brutal attacks attracted the attention of the different organizations supporting the rights of the young immigrants in the United States.

Notably, DACA is the acronym for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. The program has currently been championing in favor of the rights of all the youths that move into the United States. The truth is that the larger fraction of these youths on arrival in the United States often encounters various challenges including unemployment, lack of education and even immediate deportation. It is in such circumstances that the DACA organization becomes of help through its programs that work to try doing away with some of these challenges.

Worth acknowledging is the fact that the DACA aids the students with the specified qualifications through the provision of a number of privileges. They include the provision of access to the state tuition and collage fee funds, permitted to be in possession of the driver licenses, given work permits that are to undergo renewal at the termination of two years. This adds up to the privilege of protection from deportation. The program generally offers protection in excess of 800,000 persons in the United States.

Worth noting in connection with these attacks is that they have led to the individuals including Ken Paxton writing the White House a letter demanding the DACA’s program rescinding on 5th of September. Ken Paxton is extensively known for being Attorney General whose origin is Texas. Additionally, the latter went even further threatening legal action supposing that their demands were not considered.

Consequently, this led to the call for an emergency meeting. The Hispanic Caucus would be the one taking over the meeting. John Kelly was also present because such an issue had the potential of putting several persons in jeopardy. John Kelly worked at Homeland Security as the Secretary.

The DACA organization has devoted herself alongside assisting the less fortunate especially youths who move out of their countries into the US in search of improved lives. To enhance the maintenance of its operations, DACA has its dependence on the private funding which comes from entities like the Frontera Fund. This Fund was started by two individuals namely Larkin and Lacey.

Additionally, this Frontera Fund is currently worth value exceeding $3.6 million. The capital that aided the start of the Fund is that that the two guys received as compensation after being detained wrongly. It is through its contributions that it has already facilitated the transformation of many lives of the youthful immigrants in the United States.