Experience the luxury of Hospital Copa Star

Do you dread visiting hospitals because of the dull walls and boring ceilings? You won’t feel that way at Hospital Copa Star, Rio de Janeiro. The new facility integrates luxury and technology to provide patients with a comfortable space that facilitates recovery. Read more at Scoopnest.com about Copa Star.

State-of-art facilities

Hospital Copa Star is equipped with modern medical facilities such as smart surgical rooms and hybrid rooms. It also contains neurosurgery rooms that contain magnetic resonance equipment, robotic medicine and telemedicine. The technology based on international standards is incorporated with modern processes and designed with focus on the patient, their relatives, and medical assistants.

Patients are in control

Patients are more independent because technological apparatus allows them to communicate with doctors, access their medical records or get the nurses’ attention. They can also control lighting, open the curtains, and personalize their environment from the comfort of their bed. It is really the perfect environment to improve outcome of treatment.

Advanced Training

The more than 550 medics and hospital staff received two months intensive training covering routine and complex procedures. The training sessions involve simulations of emergency situations and exercise of all formal medical procedures and routine rules. They are also taught basics such as how to approach patients and the use of medical uniform.

Modern architecture

The modern design of the hospital allows for seamless movement of medics and ample storage of equipment. Hospital areas of support, such as billing, supply, clinical engineering, maintenance, and clothing are conveniently located in third floor of Shopping Antiquários, in Rua Siqueira Campos, a few meters away. Patients no longer have to fly to Sao Paulo in the Lebanese Syrian or Albert Einstein for treatment. They can receive world class medical services right at Hospital Copa Star which has an impressive 5-star hotel accommodation. The rooms are spacious enough for family to stay overnight.

Healing art

Like most renowned hospitals in the world, Rede D’Or São Luiz invested in an internal aromatization project and invested in 231 works of art by Japanese painter Yutaka Toyota, to liven up the space. The stunning works of art are guaranteed to reduce anxiety levels of patients and promote faster healing. In recognition of the his impressive work, Yukata Toyota received several national and international awards, such as the 1st Esso Salon of Young Artists, the 2nd Biennial of Plastic Arts of Bahia, the Salon of Santo André, and the Association Paulista of Arts Critics.


Hospital Copa Star strives to provide the best because the facility believes that everyone deserves star treatment. They do not exclusively cater to private patients who pay cash. They accept all forms of payment and work with health insurance plans. Rede D’Or São Luiz also plans to increase the number of people who benefit from medical services by expanding this concept of hospital care in São Paulo and Brasília. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.