Affordable Housing for First-time Buyers in Baltimore, Maryland

Kevin Seawright recently founded his first company, Real Property Solutions, in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a unique real estate agency that focuses on affordable housing for Baltimore citizens. RPS Solutions was established in 2015 and assists first-time home buyers and those with bad credit to purchase homes.

Seawright believes that homeownership increases the stability of a city, so his goal is to increase the number of homeowners in Baltimore, which is presently at 46 percent. RPS Solutions is dedicated to increasing homeowners in this diverse and multi-racial culture and sees RPS Solutions as a protocol for other cities also.

Kevin Seawright’s previous employment before launching RPS Solutions was as Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or NCEDC. This is a community organization centered on being a catalyst for economic development in Newark, New Jersey.

NCEDC was organized to attract and increase businesses in the area, especially small and minority businesses in real estate development in Newark. Kevin Seawright and his partner established RPS Solutions to concentrate around real estate growth in Baltimore.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright has an impressive history of working in high finances and real estate. In 2006, he graduated from Almeda University and in 2015-2016, he attended the Mendoza College of Business for Executive Leadership. He has directed his career towards enhancing these skills.

The beginning of his career from 2001-2011, he was first Chief Financial Officer, was then promoted to Finance Director and in 2005, he was promoted to the VP/Deputy Chief Operating Officer, all in the Baltimore City Government.

Seawright was Cheif Financial Officer at several other agencies until he reached NCEDC in 2015 where he was Vice President. These positions were excellent preparation for Mr. Seawright for establishing RPS Solutions.

In its third year, Seawright has been the managing partner since RPS Solutions opened. He sets his goals towards to increasing homeowners in the city and surrounding communities to become healthy while residents develop their full potential.

RPS Solutions participates in locating affordable housing as well as supporting programs that improve the economic standing of residents and stabilize their neighborhoods.