Securus Technology has come Thus Far

The correctional department and law enforcement units are grateful to Securus Technologies. For the past twenty five years, the company has been providing communication and monitoring devices. Mostly the communication devices are meant for the inmates. Serving a sentence does mean that inmates should be excommunicated from the world. They are entitled to information and social interaction but with limitation. This is how Securus comes and avails equipment and services necessary for this facilitation.

The company began in 1986 and today it has grown greatly. It is serving 26,000 facilities in America and 22,000 more in Canada. Law enforcement receives monitoring and tracking devices from Securus. Availing these products and services has been helpful to these units of the government. Technology-based equipment enables law enforcement to do their jobs effectively.

A company such as Securus is technology based. Therefore, it is obliged to always innovate and develop new and enhanced products. Nowadays, video communication is available in correctional facilities. It has brought convenience and saves time. For example, visitors do not have to line up and congest at the facility. They can talk to their inmates via video chat. Also, attorneys do not have to make frequent trips to the facility. A video conversation will suffice.

Securus Technologies is founded on certain values. It upholds integrity, transparency and innovation. The company has come this far because of maintaining these values. It is also focused on the mission and vision of the company. Under the leadership of Rick Smith, the company is performing well and he continues to inspire for more accomplishments. Rick has expressed competence and progress since he became CEO.

Securus would not be the same without it employees. They play a big role in innovation and delivery of services. Serving facilities and department in two nations is not an easy task. Nevertheless, these employees work together and ensure that products and services are of top quality. Securus Technologies appreciates every stakeholder who has contributed to the company. It has brought Securus where it is now. This is not the end because more growth will come. The company is anticipating delivering even beyond its customer’s expectation.