Kim Dao Meets With Some of Her You Tube Subscribers

In January, Kim Dao was visiting her parents’ home in Australia. Kim Dao met with two subscribers. One of Kim Dao’s subscribers is a former boss from when she worked in Australia three years ago. She kept in contact with her old boss because Kim Dao got along with him, and he became a good friend. Another subscriber was a girl Kim Dao met three years ago and had done photo shoots with her. The girl’s going to bring along a friend of hers who’s also a subscriber. She ate with her with her subscribers at Palsaik, a Korean Australian restaurant that’s famous for eight different kind of pork. If she gets there early, Kim Dao can find free parking. The subscribers and Kim Dao met at Fon Cafe. Kim Dao says she hesitates leaving pocessions around in sight in her car because Australia is not as safe as Japan is. Kim Dao said she had a Chai Latte drink at the cafe.Learn more :


After the meeting, Kim Dao went to visit her old apartment. She kept the apartment, which the management decided to renovate, starting with floors in the lobby and halls. The renovation process is supposed to be completed by early next year. Kim Dao is planning her return to Australia based on the completion. Kim Dao caught up with her former boss and talked about old times and new times.Learn more :


Kim Dao planned to take Yuki to the dog park. She changed her mind because it was raining.Learn more :