Cloud Inventory, Your Trusted Supply Chain Manager

DSI’s Cloud inventory is a software solution that aims at providing a platform that manages inventory without boundaries in the digital economy based in Kansas City.

DSI or Data Systems International aim to provide manufacturers and distributors with the power to control records and other related processes to increase productivity that leads to revenue generation. This is launching the wall-less warehouse into the future that will provide the ability to track your inventory outside the warehouse both online and offline.

Furthermore, it shows the reallocation and genuineness of records from the state of raw materials, the work in progress, and the finished goods, all records whether in the warehouse, transit, or field. This aims to increase customers’ understanding of their supply chain management and monitor every process that is taking place.

Their recent release revealed that they’ll integrate Cloud Inventory and Field Inventory Management solutions with the Customer Relationship Management platform. The salesforce customers can use Field Inventory to overview inventory, tools, and labor using a mobile device. The field technicians update the status of a work order using the application. However, as the data is fed, the whole Customer Relationship Management system is updated based on timely, accurate access to data.

For real-time management on your supply chain, from manufacturing to warehousing and beyond, our DSI cloud Inventory services offers you robust solution to help you increase productivity and revenue generation. With our extensive experience of more than 40 years, our team offers you solutions that solve your day-to-day business challenges.

Salesforce is designed to bring both the companies and customers together, to help the marketing team, sales team, service team, and IT teams work as one even if they are from different places. This makes the flow of work easy and cooperative, leading to the success of your business. Try our services today, integrate your customer relationship management, and you will never regret it. See this page for additional information.


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