Everything You Need to Know About Krishen Iyer

Businessman Krishen Iyer is a man of many talents. He is an entrepreneur and a CEO, among other distinguished titles. Krishen Iyer was brought up in California, where he attended Bullard High School and graduated in the year 1998. He then went ahead to pursue his higher-level education in San Diego at San Diego State University. In university, Krishen Iyer pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Public Administration and urban development and was also a member of the esteemed Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.


After college, the successful CEO Krishen Iyer ventured into various fields, such as managing lead companies and creating traffic for affiliate distribution centers. He thrived thanks to his vast knowledge in the marketing field, especially in insurance sales. Through his works, Krishen Iyer was able to operate, own and sell a significant number of companies. In 2009, he launched his first company called MNP Insurance, which did tremendously well to make it to the 2015 inc.5000 lists.


Since he had so many ideas and much energy to spare, Krishen Iyer, later on, founded another company by the name Managed Benefit Services (MBS). As an authorized insurance company, MBS worked with clients to lead businesses that supply insurance services. Krishen Iyer states that although MBS is still operational, it is under new management. Krishen Iyer sold the rights to this company for him to prospect new opportunities in the marketing industry.

It doesn’t take long for Krishen Iyer to come up with something brilliant and fresh. Recently, he founded another company, MAIS Consulting. He has devoted himself to spearheading his team to strategic development, contracting, marketing, and other core values with this new company. Apart from being a CEO, Krishen Iyer is also a zealous man of learning new things, family and finance.