Jason Hope’s Prediction for IoT

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Jason Hope is one of the few who predicted IoT to have a significant impact on technological development. He saw the future in this invention, even before it became realistic to the public. Currently, IoT is taking root in almost every industry. However, Jason Hope believes that it is not where he pictured it to be. Developments in the Internet of Things should continue, that every device that humans use should be interconnected. Jason Hope believes that this technology should be used to make life easier. Therefore, interconnectivity should come at the top list. Homes and businesses could be controlled remotely without the worry of distance or time. 


Jason Hope


For instance, one can be at home and remotely control activities happening at the office. Therefore, even if the technology has made significant strides, more is expected from it. Successful investor Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things should stretch its light off homes and businesses. Even the healthcare industry should utilize this technology (Everybodywiki). 

He was moved by SENS Research Foundation when they wanted to use the technology to improve antiaging and quality of life. The idea was to rejuvenate stem cells that would cure diseases related to aging. Therefore, people can live long before getting old. Jason Hope liked the idea that he invested in the foundation, become a partner in the company. He believes that foundations such as SENS Foundation would transform the industry depicting technology to a better quality of life. Interest in the technology has made Jason Hope an active internet investor. He is known for his predictions in technology that come true. He grew up in the greater Phoenix area and went to W.P. Carey School of Business, earning his EMBA. His accuracy about future technology prediction is what intrigues many people. Besides internet investment, Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist, taking pride in charitable work.