Jessica Dean: Fighting For The Rights Of Working People 

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Jessica Dean is a partner in the Dallas, Texas law firm Dean Omar Branham Shirley. Raised in a family with modest means, she had to overcome a great deal of adversity. As a result, she understands the hardships regular people must endure daily. This motivates her and her colleagues to work tirelessly to ensure corporations that flout safety laws don’t take advantage of hard-working, law-abiding taxpaying people and cause them pain and suffering. Jessica Dean and the team at Dean Omar Branham Shirley have shown they are dedicated to fighting for justice for the common man and the communities in which they live.

Jessica Dean believes lawyers should regularly check in with their clients who have not worked with lawyers before to make sure they are doing okay. The clients would appreciate it. Don’t just call when you need something from them. Dean also learned that hiring people with very different talents is a good strategy for building a law firm. Just make sure they have a good work ethic and a good heart. She has also learned 

to consider context and the importance of building relationships with opposing counsel 

before assuming the worst of them. Dean says that has helped her to grow as a lawyer.

Dean recommends putting your clients’ pictures on the wall so you will always remember why you are working hard every day. Jessica Dean feels that as an entrepreneur and as an attorney it is essential to consider the need of your clients every day. It makes it much easier to go the extra mile when you know that they are suffering injustice through no fault of their own. Seeing their innocent faces makes it clear that they need you to help them to fight the blood-sucking corporations that don’t care about them or their community. Jessica Dean feels lawyers should understand clients’ struggles, heartache, and pain to best serve them.

Doing her best for clients is something Jessica Dean is committed to doing every day. She uses her training, resources, and knowledge of the law to make a positive impact on their lives.