Maven Has a New Leader in Ross Levinsohn

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Ross LevinsohnEntrepreneurship is an exciting way to start one’s career, and it’s the path that Ross Levinsohn chose for himself. He graduated from American University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast communications, and he used that education to form a production business with a fellow graduate. They operated it profitably for four years, then sold it and parted ways. For Levinsohn, the next stop was in promotions and marketing at HBO in its Time Warner Sports division. He then moved on to SportsLine at CBS, working as a production specialist.

The middle stage of Levisohn’s career took a lot of twists and turns. In 1999, the internet boom brought him to Alta Vista. After working there for a couple of years, he took a management job at Fox Interactive Sports Media. In 2004, he was selected as the company’s CEO. He filled that position for two years. After leaving there, he co-founded another business. This time it was technology-related. He and James Heckman started 5to1, which was a digital advertising business.

Yahoo bought their business in 2010. Levinsohn joined Yahoo, and Heckman founded Maven. After departing when his stint as Yahoo’s interim CEO ended, Levinsohn filled CEO roles at many other organizations. Those include Boston Consulting Group, Los Angeles Times and Tribune Interactive. He also started additional entrepreneurial businesses, including Whisper Advisors.

Heckman contacted Ross Levinsohn in 2019. Maven attained the publishing rights to Sports Illustrated Media, and it needed a leader with experience. Heckman wanted someone who could boost visibility, upgrade the content and expand the vertical branding, and he knew Levinsohn was the right one for the job. It was a role in which Levinsohn excelled.

The results delivered by Levinsohn were exemplary, which led Heckman to choose Ross Levinsohn as Maven’s new CEO. Heckman wanted to step out of the limelight and serve as an advisor instead of the company’s leader. Levinsohn accepted the promotion. He started as Maven’s new CEO in the summer of 2020. Since then, Levinsohn has added new business contacts and created additional strategic partnerships with investors and additional private funding sources.