Paul Mampilly on the Greatest Medical Breakthrough

Paul Mampilly on the Greatest Medical Breakthrough

Mr. Paul Mampilly is a senior editor in several of America’s significant newsletters that are published by Banyan Hill Company. The specialty of Mr. Paul Mampilly is in the appropriate research and publishing of works, aimed at helping Main Street Americans acquire wealth through investments in selected market opportunities. In this endeavor, he uses his over twenty-five-year experience as a Wall Street insider, to pinpoint small companies with promising business models and products then shares it with thousands of interested investors. The MBA graduate of Fordham University has many achievements to his name including the winning of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition in 2008 to 2009. View for more info.

In a recent article by Stock Gumshoe, Travis Johnson reviews Mr. Paul Mampilly’s teaser pitch, for his Profits, Unlimited Newsletter titled the Greatest Medical Breakthrough in History. Mr. Paul Mampilly claimed that he had identified the leading company in precision medicine revolution. He wrote that this company from the mid-Western regions of America was on the verge of realizing the most significant medical breakthrough humanity has ever seen. The company that he is vouching for is said to be making substantial leaps towards attempts in identifying medicine and treatments that work best on the individual through the extensive study of their genetic make-up. The company is trying to find means of designing medicine fit for exact DNA configuration and alleviate the possibilities of certain kinds of diseases.

Lots of different companies fit the description provided by the renowned editor. Some are involved in the actual genetic testing or the building of equipment designed to carry out these tests while others are focused on the customization of the treatment. To shed more light on the specific company in question, he adds that it’s among the leading in the molecular diagnostics DNA sequencing industry. More specifically this company’s efforts are channeled towards establishing permanent solutions for various forms of cancer. Read more about Paul on

Stock Gumshoe deduces with certainty that the company in question is Myriad Genetics. Myriad Genetics is a personalized medicine and diagnostics company that make their fortune by processing and selling tests that identify specific cancers. They also specialize in the prediction of cancer progression and offer the most effective treatment plan. Just like Mr. Mampilly predicted, the company’s stock performed well. A series of profits has seen the company shares rise significantly. Myriad Genetics’ stock stood at $1.5 billion last summer and is currently at the $2.2 billion mark.



Rocketship Education Exemplifies Changes for Nashville’s Public Schools

Rocketship Education has proven that growth does matter to the overall educational improvement of every child. Their rocketeers have repeatedly taken their students from behind their peers in learning to at or above grade level after one year. Last year, 146 rocketeers started school below grade level, but ended the year at or above grade level. Rocketship has successful teaching methods beginning with their assessment testing system.

Rocketship has used the NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) testing system for years. They prefer MAP because it regularly monitors and measures student learning. MAP has effectively monitored the growth of Rocketship’s students who averaged a jump of 1.2 years in reading and 1.35 years in math. With national date indicating that a child born into a poor family will enter school behind students in less impoverished circumstances. Most never catch up, but with the MAP assessment test, students can be monitored and tested for their learning progress.

Tennessee is realizing that MAP is a better assessment test for their students. Last year, Director Joseph of Metro Nashville’s public school system implemented the MAP assessment test for all the students. They are among the 7,400 schools that now use MAP. Like so many metropolitan areas, Metro Nashville has many underprivileged students attending their public school system. Consequently, many students start out behind and it will require an effective teaching system and an assessment test like MAP to insure that these students catch up to their counterparts before reaching high school.

Rocketship notes that 70% of their students come from disadvantaged communities. Still, a large percentage of their students reach and surpass their grade level only after a year of study. Rocketship Education is an excellent example for Tennessee. Currently, there is only one Rocketship United Academy in operation in Nashville and it only serves grades K-4. Using Rocketship Education as a guide, Nashville, Tennessee could see their elementary students greatly improve their grade levels if they continue using the MAP assessment test. By using the growth indicated by the MAP test, Nashville teachers can design an education program that helps their students continue to grow, meeting or exceeding their grade level.

Dr. Saad Saad Passion in Pediatric Surgery

Dr Saad was born in Palestine in a family of 8 children, but he spent most of his years in Kuwait. Saad and his siblings had successfully gone through the education system with two surgeons two in PhD and two in master’s level in Engineering. Saad earned his medical degree at Cairo University, Egypt, where he emerged the second best in his class. Later, he went to England for his internship and then headed to the US 45 years ago. Dr Saad did his residency in the surgery field in the US Board Certified Pediatric Surgery.


Most of the development that Dr Saad has made has made during his career has applied technology. Additionally, he patented two of his famous inventions and developed diverse forms of pediatric surgical processes. The effort Saad has put in the surgical arena has been praised by many experts. He has proven to be a committed professional by conducting many successful complicated pediatric procedures with 40 years. One of the things that have put him at a vantage place in his career is the commitment and his experience in the research arena. Dr Saad Saad worked at K Hovnanian Children Hospital as the Chief Surgeon, where most of the surgical procedures he did ranged from the teenagers to the infants. Learn more:


The inspirational aspect that pushed Saad in the medical field was his aspiration to work indoors as compared to his earlier desire in engineering in 1965 when he was studying in Kuwait. The factor that led to a change in his decision was the scorching temperatures in Kuwait. This decision made him become a surgeon operating in an air-conditioned room. Saad’s mentor was Dr Biemann, a surgeon based in the US who trained him in a variety of areas related to the pediatric surgery. He also borrowed lots of lessons from him including being honest and kind to people.


Based in Eatontown, NJ, Dr Saad is a qualified and well-known pediatric surgeon. He has acquired a thriving career in bringing expertise and innovation in the medical arena. His skills and reputation have attracted the attention of many Royal families, other doctors, and humanitarian groups as well. Dr Saad Saad has earned two recognition awards owing to his unrelenting efforts to assist Palestine residents. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund honoured him with the PCRF Humanitarian Award because of his efforts in numerous humanitarian services.


Dr Saad Saad has done many complicated surgeries both in the Middle East and the US for more than four decades. He has also assisted in training future doctors in diverse communities, leading to significant improvements in the lives of children across the world. Although Dr Saad is now retired, his influence and hard work continue to make a substantial impact in the lives of many patients.

Ted Bauman Reveals All In IdeaMensch Interview

Ted Bauman is an editor and publisher at Banyan Hill Publishing. He edits and publishes The Bauman Letter, a letter for entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for information and advice about the latest best stock picks. He also heads Alpha Stock Alert and the Plan B Club, both great sources of information for investors. He lives in Atlanta.

He started out with Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2013. In an interview with the online magazine IdeaMensch, Ted Bauman said that he gets up in the morning to get his daughter to school, but after that, he goes straight to his basement office. He says that he is able to get to work right away and that he does not need to commute. Read more about Ted Bauman at

Sometimes, he says, he will get up really early to put in enough time to get some big tasks done. He says that he works until five in the afternoon. He says that he always works until that time, regardless of how early he got up to start working. He is always busy all day, and he always pays attention to the latest stock market news so that he can keep his subscribers informed about the latest events.

Ted Bauman explained that as a writer, his job is to write about topics in a way that gets people hooked and makes them want to find out and read more. He says that as a writer, especially if you are writing about topics that may be considered by some to be uninteresting, such as stocks, you need to have excellent writing skills. You have to have great narrative skills so you can explain why a certain topic is of great importance. You also need to be a good storyteller. You need to tell real life examples so that the information you are writing can reach your readers in a personal way.

Ted Bauman said that he is excited about the trend of the general public to question the nature of the economy. He is not just talking about the economy here in the United States, but in the world in general. People are asking whether kneeling down to big businesses as a policy is really helping the economy in general or whether it is hurting it. They are asking whether it is good for society or detrimental to its cause. Learn more:



Matt Badiali is an expert in mining and agricultural activities who has more than two decades doing his study on natural resources. This study has enabled him to become a hero in the extraction of minerals, energy and agricultural sectors. He has been able to explore abandoned mines in aid of investing profitably in natural resources. Visit to know more.

Matts Badiali went to school in Penn state university where he acquired his degree in sciences. He later got masters of Science in geology from Florida Atlantic University. After school, Matt became geology expertise, whereby his skill in geology attracted his friend who ventured in the extraction of natural resources and he hired Matt to perform research on natural resources with him.

In his research, Matt Badiali has been able to visit many of the countries in the world including Singapore, Yukon, Hong Kong, Iraq and Papua.Matt Badiali has recently released His freedom checks. He defines freedom checks as viral videos which are not government oriented. In comparison to the social security payment, these checks have been proved to be better since they can be thrice larger.Matts freedom checks also are payments of a certain percentage paid by companies that majorly deal with production, processing, storage and transportation of mines to investors.

Matts Badiali works as an expert on natural resources in Banyan hill publishing. He researches and recommends profitable investment opportunities on natural resources. Matt has experiences in supervising and inspecting mines, motivational talking at geological conferences, working on drills and advising on investment opportunities which can help increase your money.

On daily bases, Matt reads and writes or shares on, about some of the strategies to use to get huge gains from natural resources and how to venture into profitable investments of natural resources.

The real wealth strategist is a newsletter founded by Matt Badiali whereby he serves as its editor and advises people on investing in metals, oils, agricultural and construction materials.

Matt Badiali in his interview with ideamensch has argued that his studies in geology and his experience in research have enriched him with the best insights into mining, energy agricultural trades. Matt has come up with the real wealth strategists newspaper to benefit the readers who try to get the emerging trends and opportunities in the market for natural resources.

Read more:


Answering Some Of The Most Crucial Questions About Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

When it comes to Matt Badiali’s freedom checks, there are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up. First of all: they are not free money that is handed out to all those who claim it. The initial photo of Matt Badiali holding up a big, fat check may have fueled this speculation but it is patently false.

He initially discovered the existence of these checks because of a little known loophole that allows companies to operate tax free if they fulfill certain objectives. Statute 26-F has been put into place to make these types of investments possible. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Freedom checks are not merely given away, they are a return on your investment. Companies that are designated agencies can be invested in by those who seek these checks. From there, they receive a share of the company’s profits and these are the checks that Matt Badiali was referring to in his famous viral video.

You should not expect to receive a $100,000 check like Matt did, though. This is a process that needs to be taken with the utmost seriousness. Badiali has a few companies to recommend to those who are interested, however.

SunCoke Energy Partners has a master limited partnership arm of its own and this is a company that is on the rise. A master limited partnership is when a business agrees to pass along a sizable share of their profits to investors in exchange for the ability to operate tax free.

The freedom checks that Matt Badiali are referring to are currently being offered by SunCoke Energy Partners. Since they own a share of a business that caters to all of the most important steelmakers in the United States, investors have been able to receive a sizable yield on their investments. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

San Juan Basin is another company that Badiali is recommending to those who are in search of freedom check providers. They are currently on the verge of providing their investors with $34 million worth of payouts. There is some speculation that the numbers that Badiali has presented are inflated but only time will tell.

The San Juan Basin Royalty Trust is a bit different from a master limited partnership in the sense that it is a grantor trust. They function as a fixed investment that allows investors to receive a sizable return but no activity can take place. All that you need to do in these instances is keep a close eye on your assets and collect your checks. Learn more:


Scott Rocklage Leads The Way By Investing In Expansion Therapeutics

Expansion Therapeutics is a biotech startup based in San Diego, California. It recently held its Series A financing round in which it raised $55.3 million from six venture investment firms. The goal of this company is to provide treatments for genetic disorders. The first disorder it is developing a drug for is myotonic dystrophy type 1, or DM1. DM1 has been shown to be the main cause of adults developing muscular dystrophy.

The four main venture investment firms to have invested in Expansion Therapeutics during this round were Kleiner Perkins, Novartis Venture Fund, 5AM Ventures, and Sanofi Ventures. Two other companies participated to a lesser extent which were Alexandria Venture Investments and RA Capital Management.

RNAs (ribonucleic acid) are molecules which exist in all living cells. Their purpose is to carry instructions from DNA which leads to the synthesis of proteins. In certain people the amount of RNAs can reach a toxic level and this results in DM1 occurring. Once this happens ths person’s heart, muscles, and bodily systems start to become defective and they develop muscular dystrophy.

DM1 can be passed down generation to generation with each subsequent generation having worse symptoms. There has yet to be any good treatment for those who have DM1. Expansion Therapeutics is looking to address this and treat illnesses where too much RNA is created. Their work is a continuation of the research that was developed in the lab of Matthew Disney, Ph.D.

At 5AM Ventures, Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. is the managing partner. He has been a venture investor for the past 15 years. Prior to that he was an executive in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. He started out in the healthcare industry as a researcher and developer. He earned his Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and continues to live in the greater Boston, MA region.

In addition to investing in healthcare firms, Scott Rocklage is also the chairman of the board for three different firms which are Novira, Relypsa, and Achaogen. He has been on other companies boards in the past like Variation Biotechnologies, Inc. and Epirus Biopharmaceuticals. Learn more:

Sahm Adrangi, New York’s Investment Guardian

Sahm Adrangi is a thirty-three-year-old chief investment officer at a renowned investment management organization, the Kerrisdale Capital based in New York City. Mr. Sahm Adrangi is a Bachelor of Arts Economics holder from Yale University. Before founding Kerrisdale Capital, Sahm Adrangi worked in several organizations. These organizations are Analyst – Longacre Fund Management, analyst, Restructuring Investment Banking Group – Chanin Capital Partners, analyst, Leveraged Finance Investment Banking – Deutsche Bank. All the above prepared Mr. Sahm Adrangi propelling him to form and establish Kerrisdale Capital in the year 2009. Under his watchful eye, Kerrisdale Capital made a name for itself in the investment world. Today, it continues to share its breathtaking ideologies with relevant parties in the investment world through its online platform.

Sahm Adrangi, the chief investment officer at Kerrisdale Capital, has published a lot of controversial reports and reviews. The most recent of his reports involved QuinStreet, Inc. In his detailed negative report on QuinStreet, Inc., he casts reasonable doubts on the standard and sustainability of QuinStreet’s business. The report further insisted that QuinStreet has been benefiting from sham web traffic.

Earlier this year, Kerrisdale Capital also issued a rather disturbing report on Eastman Kodak Company. In this report, he firmly insisted that KODAKOne and KODAKCoin were faulty and that they will in no way be of benefit to the Kodak shareholders. He further insisted that the rise of Kodak shares cannot be justified accordingly. Also, he claimed that the lead developer of KODAKOne together with its strategic advisor on the KODAKCoin ICO were entities with very shoddy backgrounds. Furthermore, he claimed in his report that, members of Kodak’s board of directors did grant themselves restricted stock a day before the announcement of the launch. This he claimed to be a very suspicious act that bears the material risk of drawing on SEC investigation.

It is, however, important to note that, Kerrisdale Capital holds a short position in Eastman Kodak Company. This, therefore, means that it stands to gain if the shares prices of Eastman Kodak Company falls.

Jeff Yastine Weighs in on Cybersecurity

Jeff Yastine is a cybersecurity and investing expert. He has offered his expert advice by publishing his wisdom on Banyan Hill. Jeff studied journalism at the University of Florida and graduated to work at a television station. He was formerly a financial journalist and interviewed many of the world’s best investors. By interviewing them, he learned more about the trade and curated his craft. He specialized in taking their advice, internalizing it, and applying it. This method has been what has made him the amount of money that many Americans would consider to be wealthy. This is the surest route to financial freedom. He followed their path and became a successful investor himself. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

Early in his career he identified the beast stock picks and investments for a nationally acclaimed television program. The show had more than a million viewers every day. He pointed out which companies would become the next big hit and many times his predictions were correct. Jeff Yastine quickly learned to follow his intuition and invested in the companies he believed in. By reporting the financial news and speaking with popular names in the finance markets, he was able to get the best data the market had to offer. He learned from Warren Buffet, Frank Perdue, Steve Ballmer, and others. His ties to congressmen, senators, and Nobel prize winners has won him a following that is respected worldwide. The knowledge he gained from his influential circle has come in handy during his life. Visit Kennedy Accounts to know more.

Jeff Yastine recently reported his thoughts on the Equifax breaches last year and the impact it will have on the economy. He believes that cybersecurity companies will be the best performers on the stock market in 2018. Thus far, his predictions have been correct. He says that companies need cybersecurity now more than ever, they are beginning to understand that they cannot function without it. In the event of a large enough breach, a company can be put out of business. Since 2011, the cybersecurity market has been a bull market. They are soaring amongst any stocks. The general fear and awareness in the market fuel their growth and make them a necessary expense for any business hoping to survive. Know more:

Ryan “the Machine” Seacrest

Underneath all the fancy clothing, the soft voice, and the smile, Ryan Seacrest is an absolute machine. For a man with roughly nine jobs, you would never know it the way he always perfectly presents himself. His efficiency is what allows him to keep up with all the jobs he has. Seacrest describes himself as completely impatient which allows him to run on such a high motor. He attacks each day by waking up around five in the morning occasionally drinking a cup of coffee. He loves coffee, but doesn’t drink it too much because he feels like he should not. Seacrest has had very much success in his field, and he considers American Idol to be his “big break.” Keeping Up With the Kardashians is also a huge hit that he was involved in. To highlight the versatility of Seacrest’s success, he also has his own clothing line which sells affordable and well fitted mens formal ware. At the end of the day, Ryan Seacrest takes much pride into being a host. He realizes that not all big moments in life are just about him, and as a host his job is to just take a step back and watch.

From a young age, Ryan Seacrest had a passion for being on the microphone. He was a natural and at age sixteen he made his radio show debut for WSTR in Atlanta due to the regular DJ calling in sick. While attending Dunwoody high school, Seacrest continued to work for WSTR up until he graduated in 1992. His plan was to study journalism at the University of Georgia but at age nineteen, he took advantage of an opportunity and moved out to Hollywood. Once Seacrest got to Hollywood, he never looked back.

You could say Seacrest is a Hollywood veteran at this point. He has done his share of television hosting, radio hosting, and television production. With all the fame and wealth, Seacrest started the nonprofit Ryan Seacrest foundation in 2010. This foundation has sprouted many medical centers and hospitals around the U.S. for children. Seacrest not only strives to be a great media figure, but a great person as well.