Pam Baer Fighting For The vulnerable

Pamela Baer was born in Texas, where she attended UT Austin. She moved to New York and went to work in financial services brand marketing. After she married the CEO of the San Francisco Giants, she moved to San Francisco. At this point she liquidated her business and focused on charitable work.

Pam Baer is a community-oriented philanthropist. She focuses mainly on public healthcare, mental and behavioral health specifically. She is the director of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation. She plays a major role in fundraising and event planning, funding solutions that help these vulnerable people.

The pandemic made several issues apparent and the necessity to support the vulnerable remains among the foremost. San Francisco General plays an important role in this constant need.

Under the guidance of Pamela Baer, the SFGH Foundation set out with a mission in 2021. That mission was to promote excellence and innovation and San Francisco General. Important to that, she recognized, was the importance of making healthcare available to everyone.

She helped to create a fund in 2018 called the Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund. The TMBHF has raised over $5 million since it began with two goals in mind. It seeks to provide care that is accessible and remove the stigma associated with mental health issues. Since the pandemic and its revelation regarding the need for mental health facilities and programs, the TMBHF has increased its efforts.

Pamela Baer joined the SFGHF in 2002. After 16 years she left her position as a board member and was named Lifetime Director of the foundation. Throughout that time, she has remained active in benevolent activity. She has led the Hearts in San Francisco Project to raise more than $17 million. Pamela Baer is a community leader and active in numerous charities, helping to care for those who need it most. Read more about Pam Baer, here.


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