Posigen: Helping Lower-Income Families Save

PosiGen is on a mission to provide affordable energy to people of all classes through its efforts in the solar power industry. Solar power has been a nearly impossible commodity to attain for low income households. So Posigen focuses their efforts on reducing the high starting cost of obtaining solar. Using a unique approach of leasing solar equipment to families, PosiGen is making it feasible for families to begin investing in their properties by means of solar power. 


This investment allows users to be able to save money for many years. PosiGen was founded on the principle that disparity exists in this field of energy consumption and they would be able to fix it through taking an innovative approach. Taking what they knew and what they were developing, the team at PosiGen is succeeding in their attempt to assist disadvantaged men and women to battle rising energy costs. Using the selling technique of looking at the long-term savings, instead of the short-term costs, they have been able to help many families in need of assistance with their energy bills.


Using their unique PosiGen approach, they were quickly able to prove that this solar power initiative could work for everyone. Families quickly accepted the concept of saving large amounts of money with one investment while simultaneously helping to reduce emissions and combat large contributors of climate change. PosiGen broke into the industry at an accelerated pace, and they now deploy hundreds of power systems throughout many communities, bringing solar power (and financial savings) to families around the country.

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