Reasons For Joining QNET Business Network

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QNet offers an assortment of quality products at reasonable prices to empower you to develop a profitable business. The company also uses its online media platform to inform and inspire consumers to make positive lifestyle choices. Besides, the company provides a direct selling training program to empower distributors and generate the highest possible earnings from their businesses.

QNet business is divided into six business divisions – Crystal Market, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), Crystal Global Ventures, QBox, and Asia Direct Selling Network. Each division is customized for a specific target market, ranging from fitness to beauty, finance to insurance, and cosmetics to IT.

QNet’s brand philosophy is to encourage you to pursue your goals with courage, determination and the best quality products, promoting positive thinking and a joyful life. QNet is most famous for its hair products, beauty care products and nutrition products. It also offers health supplements such as weight loss products, anti-oxidant supplements and thyroid drugs.

You can be a small-scale entrepreneur from any country who wants to leverage the power of e-commerce and stand out from the crowd. You are advised to conduct thorough research before enrolling. Why do you have an induction? QNet aims to bridge the gap between its dedicated consultants and their consumers to facilitate on-going learning and interaction. It also helps its consultants to share their experience in business and gain new insights from other consultants.

The rapid growth of e-commerce is proving to be a boon for many direct selling companies. QNet leverages the power of e-commerce in many ways. First, QNet has been able to build a large sales force with a wide range of products. All of its e-commerce products are accredited by independent testing labs. The products come with a transparent disclosure policy that you can read at This has helped create a positive image of QNet and enabled the company to show potential customers the benefits of buying health, wellness and lifestyle products from QNet.

Secondly, QNet has been able to reach millions of customers globally. At present, QNet has networked with 200,000 merchants, agents and distributors, and over 50,000 employees, making it one of the largest direct selling firms. QNet’s mission is to help people live healthy, wealthy and meaningful lives. The company’s vision is to become the most valued partner in your health and wealth journey. Refer to this page for additional information.


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