Richard DeVaul And The Importance Of Diversity

Diversity isn’t just something to placate the masses; it’s the gateway to better and more forward-thinking innovation. Richard DeVaul, the CTO at Venkman and self-proclaimed “mad scientist,” believes that “diversity of thought” is not only important but imperative to the success of a company. If businesses want to keep themselves afloat, bettering not only their practices and their products, diversifying their employees and customer base should take a major focus.

Diversity isn’t just represented by differing skin colors, ages, genders, or sexual orientations; it’s also about experiences and education. With varying degrees of knowledge and background, people from all walks of life will create a business culture worth boasting about. When the point of view of a team is diverse, it allows more effective critical thinking and a better product. Evaluating every point of view is important, as it results in an outcome that benefits not just one group.

As time goes on and our digital world expands, industries are recognizing the need to diversify and be inclusive, not just for the sake of appearances or meeting quotas. In addition, studies continually show that companies employing diversity among their ranks produce the best results for innovation and a healthier work environment. Investing in their employees, rather than just using them, produces better results as well.

He is the current Co-founder and CTO at Venkman, with the former role of CTO at Google X under his belt. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. DeVaul has decades of education and experience in engineering, innovation, and executive positions.

DeVaul advocates for a change in the technology and innovation industry. He is a progressive thinker who serves as the founding partner and consulting CTO for HyperSolve. DeVaul graduated from Media Lab at MIT, where he developed a computational graphic design program. He also worked on creating a wearable memory support device for his dissertation.

Richard DeVaul’s mission is centered on helping people understand the innovation culture. He seeks to use innovation as a tool to develop a real value for companies and the entire community.

In an article entitled “Richard DeVaul on Disrupting Innovation Consulting”, Richard DeVaul explains Innovation is about overturning the existing order of things. And while innovation does create great value in the world, that process is not benign. Innovation disrupts. Read more about Richard DeVaul, here.


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