Richard Liu — One Of World’s Most Powerful People

Richard Liu is a Chinese American entrepreneur, founder of the world’s largest online retailer, and CEO of Richard was raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and majored in computer science at Vanderbilt University. He founded Jingdong in 2000 with US$30,000 he borrowed from his parents. Today JD’s market share is estimated to be over 40%, with revenues topping US$35 billion just three years ago.

He has been named one of Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful People’ every year from 2013-2017 and Forbes Asia’s Business Person Of The Year 2016. Richard will graduate from his alma mater this May with a Ph.D. in computer science for “Rapid developments in computing hardware.”

In 2017 Richard was arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for criminal sexual conduct with a female employee. The complaint alleged that Richard had forced his accuser to have sex with him while she attended an after-party at a hotel in Seattle. Liu Qiangdong was released on bail later that day and maintained his innocence.

Lockeline Publishing Company [LPC] (LPCC) is a multimedia company based in Tennessee. LPCC publishes Lockeline Magazine, which caters to an audience aged 16-30, primarily focusing on youth culture topics and subcultures. The magazine covers a broad range of topics, including fashion, music, sports, lifestyle, and social issues. Lockeline Magazine has created an online presence with numerous articles and photos on various social media platforms. In addition, LPCC is behind the new movie trailer for Lockeline’s upcoming film “The Truth Be Told.”

In 2015 Qiangdong was hired by LPCC as the Creative Director and editor-in-chief of Lockeline Magazine. The result was a change in the company’s focus away from publishing only music magazines and into other areas such as fashion, film, and entertainment.

In 2016 Richard Liu was hired by LPCC as Creative Director under CEO Ivan Liu.

In 2017, Richard Liu Qiangdong became an official “Variety 500 Honoree” due to his hard work and service to the world.

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