Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudnry, born in Delhi and raised in Toronto, was groomed for success at a young age. He was surrounded by educators, as his father was an economic professor at the University of Toronto, and his mom was an educator in the field of nursing. Even his brother grew to become a professor teaching at the Media School of Harvard. He admitted in an interview that his parents expected nothing short of “intellectual stimulation” as the bar was set high at an early age. This encouraged him to push forward the family legacy of knowledge. Sujit Choudnry took an early liking into the field of law where he studied at McGill University, University of Oxford, University of Toronto, and Harvard University. Graduating from some of the most prestigious academic universities, he was now ready to put this education into the works of his sought out careers.

Choudnry made his mark internationally as an educator and expert in comparative law scholar. In 2003 he was part of a foreign constitutional expert team that traveled to Sri Lanka and proposed federal solutions to the country’s ethnic conflict. Later in 2007 he traveled to Nepal to support constitutional negotiations. One of his most notable mentioning was the case of Omar Khadr which took place in the Supreme Court of Canada in 2008. Sujit was a part of a three man team that drafted a proposition which ultimately led to reconstructing the city government. Critics are saying that he is the best comparative constitutional scholar of his generation. As his glory days are far from over, Sujit is now focusing time not only on law but passing the legacy down to his kids as well. When he is not busy teaching and writing, Sujit enjoys spending time with his daughter and son which one day may walk in their fathers footsteps.

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