Tieks Is More Than Business

Kfir Gavrieli, CEO and creator of Tieks, is one person who embodies the spirit of natural time management and resource allocation for the greater good. Tieks is one of the world’s leading web-exclusive fashion businesses, selling an exclusive range of women’s ballerina flats noted for their comfort, quality, and mobility. It was one of the first businesses to achieve worldwide recognition without brick-and-mortar locations. Since 2010, the company has sold its Italian leather folding flats online and has grown to become one of the world’s most successful fashion companies.

However, Gavrieli was never a typical businessman concerned with producing a fantastic product and developing a reputable brand. Tieks has always presented a chance for Gavrieli to have a significant humanitarian contribution, which cleared the way for the commencement of the Gavrieli Foundation and its direct link with KIVA.

It also engages in women’s empowerment at the neighborhood level via the Gavrieli Foundation. The Foundation has facilitated over $10 million in microloans to women entrepreneurs worldwide through KIVA, an online platform that provides microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs living in poverty. As a result, the Gavrieli Foundation has become KIVA’s largest lender in the organization’s history.

Kfir Gavrieli recently wrote news headlines as a community hero during the COVID-19 epidemic, when his firm not only sewed thousands of face masks for distribution to critical healthcare personnel but also pushed its fans and followers to do the same. This effort resulted in the donation of over a million face masks to healthcare personnel in Los Angeles County and abroad.

Kfir Gavrieli asserts that heroes exist everywhere in life and that acts of heroism are often ordinary deeds performed by normal individuals in the course of their daily lives. Numerous heroes have shown resilience in the face of a pandemic, assisting society in surviving these difficult times.

Fundamentally, Gavrieli believes in the strength of the community and the readiness of individuals to contribute via charitable donations, awareness-raising, and more. The #SewTogether movement has inspired millions of people to band together for a common cause.

Final Thoughts

Kfir Gavrieli believes that difficulties may be seen as chances to cultivate more compassionate and community-minded people and a better society. The most trying times are also the periods when humanity demonstrates its ability to hope for the better and assist one another. Click here to learn more.


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