Waste Has Invaluable Potential If Harnessed, Says Vik Bansal.

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A different pandemic has been looming and continues to roam freely in our oceans. Plastic waste in their millions is floating in the oceans threatening marine life, livelihood, and potential climate crisis. Amid another global health pandemic, governments worldwide are working tirelessly to avert the potential disaster that awaits if no necessary action is taken. Governments are leading these efforts, but individuals such as Vik Bansal are also at the forefront to curb the waste menace.

Vik Bansal, the CEO of Cleanaway, Australian waste management, and recycling company, leads in these efforts. Vik believes that waste management is an essential aspect of modern society, although it is rarely discussed. He believes that investing in waste recycling infrastructure can create employment, generate revenue, and reduce the amount of waste that gets its way into waterways and landfills. Vik states that the recent effort by the Australian government to shore up waste infrastructure with a US$134 million capital injection is crucial as it will encourage more investors to get into the business.

In light of these happenings, Vik Bansal believes that there is still a lot to be done. He points that waste recycling infrastructure cannot work without sustainable demand. Vik opines that the government’s effort is a step in the right direction. However, he states that the lack of viable markets for the recycled products in the country could significantly impede recycling. In recent years, many countries have tightened restrictions on waste importation, following the footsteps of China, which for long has been the largest importer of recyclable waste.

Cleanaway has been at the forefront of finding waste management solutions. The company under Bansal’s leadership has reoriented its goals in line with Australia’s national strategy. Cleanaway views waste as an important resource with a tremendous potential value that the company can harness. Vik possesses over 15 years of experience working in different executive roles. He is an MBA holder, has held senior positions at Eaton Corporation, One Steel Limited, and Valmont Industries. He is a founder member of the NWRIC.

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