A Hobby That Turned Into A Business The Story Of Min-Liang Tan

Min-Liang Tan is unquestionable a business idol today; his gaming company which has incorporated various services, is among the most famous brands worldwide. However, when Min-Liang Tan stopped working as an attorney to develop his business with Robert Krakroff in 2005, he did not envision becoming the president of Razer. The tremendous growth of their business as their initial goal was to multiply their gaming and become more competitive in the industry.

That simple goal in mind created the boomslang mouse, which is the organization’s primary product. It was made to enhance speed and accuracy. However, it triggered the players’ winning mentality, which the Razer CEO claims have been the driving force behind his subsequent push for the decade.

Furthermore, Razer’s motto “by gamers, for gamers reflects the organization’s gaming mindset. This mindset earned Tan the title of the youngest most prosperous entrepreneur in Singapore at 40 years. The main drive for Razer has been figuring out what they can do next and not taking a step back. Like this page on Facebook, to learn more.

About Min-Liang Tan

Tan is the founder and director of Razer, whose is in charge of managing the innovation and creation of company’s products. Mr. Tan grew up in Singapore but later relocated to San Francisco. He studied Law at the National University of Singapore and worked as an attorney before converting his gaming hobby into a multinational firm with 500 employees.

Recently, Min-Liang Tan was voted into office as a director of the PC Gaming Alliance. He donated USD 10,000 to the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter initiative in March 2012, claiming that it was to make amends for illegally downloading Wasteland as a boy. Business Insider has recognized Min-Liang Tan, Jonathan Ive, and Gabe Newell as the 25 Most innovative folks in the tech Industry. The Kotaku power 40 l has also categorized him among the topmost affluent people in the gaming industry.


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