Activision Blizzard Halts Operations in Ukraine

Because of deteriorating economic conditions, Activision Blizzard has removed its games from the Russian app store. The failed ruble and the general economic downturn in Russia forced Activision to take this measure to ensure player safety.

An update was released for Blizzard’s games on iOS and Android stating that these platforms would no longer be supported in Russia. The latest version of Hearthstone also does not work on Russian devices after a recent update.

Activision Blizzard’s action on Russia is due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In their official announcement, Activision Blizzard highlighted that due to the recent sanctions and trade restrictions against Russia, Blizzard Entertainment would be suspending its business and operations in Russia.

The decision is effective as the war continues. It applies to the company’s games, consumer services, and online stores.

Games available for download and offline play won’t be longer accessible in Russia. Players who already have Blizzard games on their devices will not be able to access them, and new customers will be blocked from purchasing and downloading the games in the country.

In addition to the sanctions, a series of anti-piracy laws have been enacted in Russia. These laws allowed third-party service providers like Apple and Google to block specific apps or games from accessing their services when requested by the government.

It is a measure by Activision Blizzard to support and stand by Ukraine in the ongoing Russian invasion.

Blizzard’s decision won’t affect the company’s service, which allows gamers to play with each other across different platforms and titles. It is currently available in countries outside of Russia, including Ukraine.

Due to the growing extent of the situation, Activision Blizzard does not have a plan for the future. The company’s priority is stopping Russian aggression in Ukraine and encouraging Putin and his regime to end their illegal occupation of Crimea.

The company will continue to monitor events in Russia and provide updates as they become available. Meanwhile, the US government plans to impose stricter economic sanctions on Russia. Learn more about Activision Blizzard