Alfons Hörmann Recap

Both Hörmann and current Vice President of Finance and Department Of finance Kaweh Niroomand will not be re-elected.

Instead of waiting until 2022 for elections, they must be held this year, and the Presidium must be put to a vote. The DOSB’s Ethics Commission recommended that the proposal be rejected.

A show of support was scheduled for the Presidium following the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic games, however it has since been cancelled due to a change of heart, with Hörmann resigning in its place.

As a result of the Ethics Commission’s findings becoming public, lawmakers, athletes’ organizations, and a number of local governments blasted DOSB Chairman Hörmann for neglecting to call snap elections.

The investigation by the Ethics Commission was sparked by a resignation letter sent to DOSB executives on May 6th.

During Hörmann’s tenure, a “culture of dread” was reported to have permeated the company, with certain employees being pushed to their “limits.”

As a result, Hörmann was charged with violating COVID-19 rules by neglecting to wear a mask throughout meetings.

With Thomas Bach, IOC President and Honorary President, now seeking “full clarity” of the situation due to Hörmann’s control over the Ministry Of Youth and sports (NOC), the DOSB Presidium initially offered its support.

He finally resigned in the interest of German sport’s “well-being” after a long period of pressure.

For the past seven years, Hörmann says, our team has given the DOSB and state sport a strong voice and made them more professional.

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“We’ve accomplished a lot together as a group.”

It’s ready for a fresh one to take over in December, so I’m on the lookout.

The DOSB and the game must continue strong and united if they are to continue serving its members and promoting their best interests.

It is my goal to expand sport’s social impact, provide the best possible conditions for athletes, and proactively reflect and implement the sport’s values of justice, respect and performance.

Priority must always be given to the aspirations and aspirations of everyone involved.

Therefore, the Dosb must enable a seamless transition while simultaneously fostering an open market for individuals and thoughts within the DOSB.

It is expected that the four other vp of the DOSB would seek for re-election after they have been confirmed by the DOSB.