Andrew Alexander: An Icon of Genuine Comedy

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Comedy represents a significant piece to the mundane order of life. It is commonly known as a sense of relief in grim situations, causing a domino effect of laughter and happiness with anyone nearby. Andrew Alexander signifies the essence of comedy in his work such as SCTV Network, I, Martin Short, Goes Home, and The Second City Project. Therefore, Andrew Alexander has begun the revolution in the comedy film industry ever since he produced his films.

As an innovative film producer, Andrew Alexander certainly knows the mechanics behind comedy. Moreover, he understands deeply how to cater to two city’s projects professionally. Creating films and finalizing television series in Hollywood is a tremendous challenge for any producer to take on. Aside from that, Andrew Alexander survives through the challenge with his television project known as the SCTV Network. The television series is a parody of itself, ridiculing television shows. Likewise, Andrew Alexander exhibits profound hilarious content in the film, I, Martin Short, Goes Home. While Hollywood experiences the absolute value of comedy, Chicago also observes how comedy is displayed on the screen. Being a native of Chicago, Andrew Alexander resolves the issue in showcasing local comedy eloquently with the TV series, The Second Project. Overall, Andrew Alexander has become an iconic figure in the comedic film industry by depicting authentic humor in both movies and television series.

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