Career Exploits of Gary McGaghey

Gary McGaghey is the Group Chief Financial Officer at Williams Lea Tag, located in London. Gary has worked as CFO in various institutions. His work has been instrumental in the growth of the companies he has worked with.

Education and Background Information

Gary started his pursuit in his education in South Africa. His first degree was from the University of Natal. He did another degree in accounting and corporate finance at the University of South Africa. Gary McGaghey specialized in the field of accounting. He studied in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and became a certified accountant.

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Career Journey

Gary’s first job was in the food and household products manufacturing industry. He worked at Baker Street Snacks as an accountant. He followed it up with work at Robertsons Food. Gary McGaghey worked for 10 years and rose through the ranks. He earned the title of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer during that time.

After Robertsons, Gary moved on to work at Unilever, based in South Africa. His work allowed him to change locations as CFO of Unilever’s branches in Switzerland and in the United Kingdom. His exemplary service made him work also as Vice President of Finance and Interim CEO. After 13 successful years, Gary was hired by Nelsons to serve as its Group CFO. He was authorized to act as the company’s statutory director and executive board member.

His recent work is at Williams Lea Tag. Gary McGaghey’s work at Williams Lea Tag has enabled it to rise and reach high growth standards.

Notes on CFOs thrive by Gary McGaghey

Gary believes that there are ways that CFOs can thrive in the private equity market. They need to understand the workings of the environment. He emphasizes that CFOs need to get a good grip on who the drivers of working capital are. They also need to cash in on the business opportunities that can move their cash cycle.