ClassDojo Classroom App Management

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ClassDojo is an application that runs on mobiles to make teaching more straightforward for teachers, learners, and even parents. First ClassDojo assists the teachers at the start of the day by checking messages from the parents. Doing will help the teacher know any student out of class because of sickness or other reasons. The teacher also gets updated on any news from the school.

Class Dojo ensures the teacher can share the videos or pictures of classes in progress so that parents can know what their children are doing.

Class Dojo is more kid-friendly and has a bottom-up approach with a penetration rate of 90% in U.S. schools.

Class Dojo was designed to fit into 35 different languages and fit in 180 countries. It reaches about 1 % of 700 million globally every day that children are in grades K-8, which translates to about ten million kids.

The main app is free, and the company has an idea of upgrading the app to support learning at homes where learning got neglected. Class Dojo is primarily used in private schools, but upgrading it to be used at home will help parents who cannot afford their children in private schools.

The persons behind ClassDojo are Chaudhary and Don, who have sacrificed a lot to make sure the dream got reached. They have appeared in Forbes 30 and Under 30 Alums for their entrepreneur role. The idea got conceptualized after their weekend meeting at Cambridge in the entrepreneurs’ gathering. From their experience, where both were only 25 years old, Chaudhary worked at McKinsey & Co’s education group. Don was Chief Technology Officer and a computer scientist who focused on education technology and was a Ph.D. student.

Teachers were the core I designing class Dojo this made them incorporated for about two months to give their views.