Dr. Leen Kawas Explains the Importance of Teamwork in Clinical Trials

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Accomplished pharmacist and researcher, Dr. Leen Kawas, has not only conducted successful clinical trials, but she also sees where clinical trials often go awry.

Specifically, Dr. Kawas has identified disconnects between stakeholder groups as a major issue in clinical trials.

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Stakeholder Disconnects are Problematic

Dr. Kawas identifies three main stakeholder groups that participate in clinical trials: researchers, financial backers, and patients.

Misunderstandings between stakeholders are harmful to everyone, as they can lead to:

  • Non-ideal patient experiences
  • Delays in studies and innovation
  • Low-quality study data

Communication During Development is Essential

According to Dr. Kawas, many of the disconnects that arise during studies stem from miscommunications that occur as protocols and goals are being developed.

Dr. Kawas identifies specific details that must be discussed between all three stakeholder groups:

  • Operations: How a study will logistically run must be clearly outlined with input from all stakeholders
  • Conduct: Researchers must always conduct themselves properly, and they should be open to feedback from others
  • Experience: A positive patient experience must be fostered, as positive experiences lead to more informed patient feedback
  • Results: Results must be defined from the outset, not in actual findings but in the questions that are to be answered

Teamwork Among All is Needed

All of this necessitates teamwork among all, and that doesn’t just include the three stakeholder groups outlined above.

Dr. Leen Kawas brings medical providers and caregivers into the fold, as their needs and post-study observances are very important.

With communication and teamwork, clinical studies succeed because everyone understands the goal and how it is to be pursued.

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