Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi a Brazilian Businessman

It is well understood that a business’s success necessitates a great deal of effort and commitment. It was the same for me; a few minutes of inspiration and many hours of sweat! An engaged, capable team, in my opinion, is the foundation for everything. I’ve always counted on extremely productive staff who wear the corporate shirt without counting the hours or efforts required to attain excellence in our initiatives. As a result, I delegated responsibilities without placing the company’s development in a mine or anybody else’s hands. Everyone played a critical role in this 25-year path to success, especially Technical Director Armando Hiroshi, who is also my partner and one of the few engineers, and we applaud him for his leadership.

We followed the program and built roughly 2,000 units for the 0-to-3 minimum salary range when the Minha Casa Minha Viva (MCMV- My House My Life) initiative was introduced in 2011, and the outcomes were dismal, objectively poor. The scenario arose due to the extremely tight civil construction market, which resulted in a labour shortage and increased material costs, while these units were sold to CEF at a set price with little room for negotiation. We overcome this problem by building under the same MCMV concept but for a three-minimum salary range and selling directly to buyers. This allowed us to make up for the loss and keep moving forward.

A racquet for beach tennis. After I began taking classes, I discovered that the sport was a lot of fun; My team and I have been utilizing SIEGE, which allows us to track and analyze our work sites and the financial sector’s outcomes. Another tool we frequently use is Whatsapp, which allows us to communicate with our workers and employees from anywhere in the world in real-time.I propose it because this man, also known as Visconde de Mauá, altered Brazil, placing it on the path to economic advancement, development, and modernization; he is a model of enterprise and perseverance.