Eric Lefkofsky´s New Venture is Personalizing Medicine

At first glance, Tempus doesn’t seem like anything unusual for its industry. Founded in 2015 by billionaire Eric Lefkofsky, its revenue largely comes from its use of artificial intelligence to personalize its cancer diagnostics. It also helps with the sequence of the genomes of tumors, and aid doctors by recommending treatments based on that data. What sets them apart is their scope, and their ambitious plans moving forward, Eric Lefkofsky explains. 


They’ve expanded over recent years into other branches of medicine such as mental health and cardiology, and they’ve turned their focus toward the Covid-19 pandemic as well, having run more than one million tests. According to Eric Lefkofsky, the vast repository of patient data they’ve gathered is offered to other companies in the field of healthcare for a price.


Another revenue stream for the company that also supports efforts at developing medicines and treatments for diseases. Lefkofsky says that in the United States, Tempus has collected the data of approximately one third of cancer patients (Wgntv).

He estimates that it will soon rise to two thirds of cancer patients, with their tumors sequenced in under a year.  The company has expanded significantly, with roughly seven hundred new hires since the start of the pandemic, and a new round of investment has left it with room to grow further yet. For Eric Lefkofsky, in such a new rising trend in the field, Tempus is a promising venture that may help millions with its modern approach to medicine and diagnostics.