Franci Neely: Founder of the Franci Neely Foundation Interview Recap

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The Franci Neely Foundation supports families like Franci Neely’s by raising awareness of genetic disorders, providing financial assistance to families who need it, and building community with other families who understand the challenges of raising a child with a rare genetic disorder.

Today, we will recap an interview with Franci Neely, founder of the Franci Neely Foundation.

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What Her Typical Day Looks Like

She says that she gets up before she is done to make sure she can leave for work on time.

She usually has a cup of coffee to start her day.

She drives to work, gets her two kids ready for school, and then drops them off.

Once she gets to work, she puts some of her workload aside to work on the website.

She then goes through the mail and reads all of the letters.

She then goes through her Facebook and Twitter feeds to see what posts are being made about her foundation.

She Discourages Impulsive Decisions

She says that she tries to avoid impulsive decisions.

She is a very cautious person when it comes to her family.

She also says that she is not a person who likes to make rash decisions.

She Does Not Like To Hand Out Money

She does not like to hand out money unless it is necessary.

She does not like throwing money around and making people dependent on them.

Instead, she prefers to provide financial support through grants and scholarships.

The Franci Neely Foundation is very admirable.

I appreciate the work they are doing to support families struggling to raise children with rare genetic disorders.

It would be great if there were more foundations like this in the world.

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