H1 FY22 Results for InfraBuild Show CEO Vik Bansal's Impact

In the face of tepid market conditions, InfraBuild’s CEO Vik Bansal is confident in the company’s ability to drive growth. In his first H1 FY22 address, Vik Bansal InfraBuild outlined three strategic priorities to strengthen InfraBuild as a world leader in sustainable infrastructure and cities:

  • Investing in its renowned engineering discipline.
  • Expanding into new markets such as Russia and China.
  • Boosting innovation towards sustainable infrastructure for future generations.

InfraBuild has a unique engineering-led model and culture, where engineering is at the heart of its business. The company believes in the importance of working with the best engineers to deliver important projects, such as building sustainable infrastructure in emerging markets and providing sustainable solutions for cities around the globe. In line with this belief, InfraBuild will set aside approximately 20% of its revenue for investment in human capital development, such as developing its talent pool, learning from experts, and technological innovation. This will be a key pillar of its growth strategy over time.

Basal also announced that the company wants to expand its operations into new markets while actively partnering with clients and other stakeholders. The company intends to use its unique platform, which combines engineering excellence, project management expertise, and an international reach, to strengthen its presence in Russia and China. InfraBuild is also focused on project delivery in India and will continue to expand its presence in key cities such as Mumbai.

By joining the company in 2021, Basal will begin an accelerated transformation process to put the necessary foundations to achieve its future growth goals. The company has already built a strong management team to lead this transformation process. In his address, Basal underscored the need to stay true to our values, which include integrity, honesty, trust, and teamwork, and live by our words: “InfraBuild is a professional engineering global firm that deals with steel manufacturing and recycling.

Bansal is implementing a new operating model to facilitate the company’s future growth. This includes expanding focus on key projects and aligning with its core competence and expertise to drive higher margins. The company has already begun implementing this strategy and is optimistic about the results.

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