Hengshui, China: Du Shuanghua

Du Shuanghua of China

Du Shuanghua, Du Shuanghua, Du Shuanghua… can people ever get enough of this man in the steel world? Certainly not in China. Du is an expert, billionaire producer of self-made steel, residing in beautiful Hengshui, China. 57 years old, he still fights for the cause of rightful steel production everywhere, with as much vigor and energy as a 17 year old teenager. He has got lots of passion and purpose behind every single little thing that he sets his mind on doing, which is why steel buyers and importers (or even exporters) can simply not get enough of this man. They love him. They know they need him.

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He worked in the 80s in steel production himself, but as a bottom level laborer of trades. There, he was able to learn so many other facts about the values of steel and iron, all in all, which he was able to later take into his business and grow from, of course. He attributes much success to all that he has learned in the business area, as well, having started a steel company back around 2008 and then held equity and stake ownership control in many others as well. Rizhao Steel was one such company, which he sold his last stake equity rights over to in 2010… to a company now known as none other than the one and only Shandong Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd.

He also started his own company when he was just a college aged young man, at no older than 22, respectively. It was a company for making steel pipes, another great startup experience he will always cherish for time to come. He has worked hard all his life in this industry, and now it has finally paid itself off.