Insurance Office Of America Founder John Ritenour Says Many Americans Are Now Taking Life Insurance Than Before

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“As long as you are dealing with a legit company, there is nothing to fear about taking life insurance. The policy is gaining unprecedented popularity now more than any other time in the history of American insurance,” says IOA founder John Ritenour. According to John Ritenour, when he founded his insurance shop in 1988, very few people were interested in taking an insurance policy, leave alone life insurance. The IOA founder goes ahead to say that one of the reasons why people did not take life insurance seriously is because there was no accurate knowledge.

According to John Ritenour, back then, insurance companies that had set up offices did not receive any substantive number of clients. “That is the reason why many companies that had set up the office then decided to send their agents to do door-to-door campaigns of encouraging people to take up insurance policies. It was until the late 90s that people started to take insurance seriously, to the point of seeking insurance services from offices from major towns where insurance companies had set their offices,” said John Ritenour. The IOA founder opined that otherwise, many people were reluctant to buy insurance especially life insurance.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking a toll on people, it is reasonable that many Americans are beginning to see the dire need to take charge of the lives of their loved ones in the event something happens. “The pandemic has made those that had stalled in their payment of the policies to ensure they restart and actually maintain a permanent routine of paying up the life insurance premiums. Besides, many Americans now have a deeper understanding of what life insurance means to them than any other time in the history of insurance business,” observed Insurance Office of America co-founder John Ritenour. Even so, many people are still skeptical about the benefit life insurance will give those who pay for the premiums.

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