IOA’s Insightful Founder, John Ritenour

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John Ritenour is the founder of the Insurance Office of America (IOA). The insurance firm has been in operation since 1988 and has grown to be among the top insurance agencies. John Ritenour is a visionary and hardworking leader. Before he dived into insurance, he first worked at a steel mill. Afterward, he began selling insurance on a door-to-door basis. The venture enabled him to be more focused and determined. Besides, he gained essential skills that he later applied to establish his own company.

After founding the Insurance Office of America (OIA), he spent several years developing the company. Since he had built a remarkable legacy, he decided to pass the leadership role to his son, Heath Ritenour, who is now the CEO of the Insurance Office of America. Due to John’s exemplary life and inspiration, Heath is committed to keeping the Insurance Office of America at the top.

John Ritenour is a highly skilled entrepreneur. The rise of IOA is a case in point. The insurance firm was built on something unique. John established the company to offer the best deals to clients. Consequently, the company is built on various values and principles. For instance, John insisted that every client must be highly valued. Besides, the commission does not fluctuate amid uncertainties. Interestingly, John applied his values to his company. Such values have ensured the success of IOA.

During his career, John earned many awards. Some of the top awards include the Eloise Trainor Award, the Success Award for Business Achievement, which he received from the Success Magazine, and Entrepreneur of the Year from Crummer and Dynetech.

John’s professional journey taught him the value of hard work. Consequently, he greatly emphasizes hard work as a sure way to success. In addition, he has instilled the spirit of hard work in his son, Heath Ritenour, among other work ethics.