Katelyn Berry diversity

Business Executive Katelyn Berry Shares View On Workplace Diversity
As the VP at Michelin, Katelyn Berry is very familiar with the importance of workplace diversity. She said diversity is critical as it elevates a brand and delivers financial results. Employees are happier and there are more opportunities for innovation as more voices are heard.

As a female, working mom and member of the LGBTQ community, she has first-hand knowledge about why workplace diversity is incredibly important. She also has a sibling who is transgender. Katelyn Berry said building inclusive environments is important both in the workplace and outside of it. She has been passionate about DEI initiatives throughout her career. She worked at Conagra in 2016 and was its President of the LGBTQ+ Ally Employee Resource Network. Katelyn Berry now leads Michelin’s LGBT+ Ally Business Resource Group as its executive sponsor.

Katelyn Berry said data and technology have created greater insight into DEI matters and why they’re important for all companies. Data and technology are used to create insights into areas like gender disparity, racial bias in hiring, microaggressions and more.

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