Krishen Iyer: The Founder of Mais Consulting

When Krishen Iyer was studying engineering at the University of Texas, he had an idea to start a business that would help businesses grow. He created Mais Consulting in 2002 and, since then, has helped many companies increase their profits by focusing on conversion rate optimization strategies. Today, successful businessman and CEO Krishen Iyer is one of the most sought-after consultants in the world who focuses exclusively on helping companies with their digital marketing needs. 


He has become a highly-sought after speaker and is one of the most popular authors of digital marketing books. If you’re looking for a marketing expert who can guide your company in the right direction, Krishen Iyer could be an excellent choice. This, because he has years of experience in marketing and is able to explain things in simple terms. He’s also easy to reach so you won’t have any problem getting in touch with him anytime. Whether it’s an hour session or a full-day consultation, he will have no problem guiding you in the right direction.


Anyone who needs help understanding how to use their website for lead generation purposes could benefit from Krishen’s expertise because it’s not just about pretty pictures and fancy bells and whistles. It’s about creating a great customer experience that will keep visitors coming back to your site. Krishen Iyer has over 15 years of experience as a conversion rate optimization consultant and will help businesses attract more leads, convert those leads into sales and retain those customers for future business. 

Krishen Iyer is one of the best conversion rate optimization consultants in the world today because he’s able to offer a lot of value to companies that are looking for help with their conversion rate optimization strategies. His latest venture is the insurance distribution industry. Successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Krishen Iyer is curious and seeks to learn from clients and other strategic partners. Additionally, he is involved in philanthropic activities.